Kanye Wes 21 different ‘The Life of Pablo’ from All round the World

This news is about Kanye Wes 21 different ‘ The Life of Pablo’ .

Today, Kanye West launched 21 different The Life of Pablo pop-up shops all around the world. One of them is in New York. I am also in New York. So this morning, along with fellow Esquire-er Matt Miller, I stopped by to check out all the NYC-exclusive merch on offer and take in a little music (one guess who it was by) courtesy of the folks at Sonos.

But we weren’t the only ones there. Aside from a bunch of other press people, there was a line of eager fans that extended down the block from the shop’s entrance at 393 Broadway, turned a corner, and then kept going for another entire city block. So, yeah—looks like it’s going to prove a successful business venture before it closes its doors at the end of the weekend.

Here’s what you can expect to see if you make it by the space: T-shirts in either black or white and in both long- and short-sleeve varieties, all of which are entirely new. There’s also an assortment of outerwear, plus hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts, and even a pair of “New York”-emblazoned hats. It’s all done up (of course) in the same graphic, gothic style we all recognize from earlier TLOP merch.


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