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Since your home paints such a picture of yourself consider this when inviting guests round. What are the things that you want your guests to see to paint yourself the bachelor, yet a man of taste and sophistication? So if you are ready to transform your man pad to a home here’s our five easy steps.

Much like a person’s style, a mans home space says a lot about him. From the state of your bedroom to what’s inside your bathroom cabinet in some way it all says a lot about you.

Mans home 1

  1. Glassware:

Every man whether it’s for a drink of juice or sipping scotch needs to have good glassware. I’m afraid this means the “Employee of the Year” tacky mugs don’t have a place in the cupboard anymore.

Start simply with well-designed glassware. Get the basics, for example a well designer decanter and set of tumblers, you can build from there. Don’t forget that inevitably a clumsy soul will drop and break one, so buy from collections that can be replaced. Don’t choose random glasses you’ll never find again.

Home 2

  1. Paintings:

These don’t have to be expensive or painted by Vincent Van Gough, in fact they don’t even have to be originals. The only rule is make sure there not plastered with quotes such as “Keep Calm” ….. Posters are also not allowed the rolled up pieces of paper should stay at the shop.  A piece of wall art should please you each time you look at it. Additionally, you should be able to hang it anywhere and it look good.

  1. House Plant:

Every house needs a plant. They increase oxygen levels through photosynthesis, can reduce dry coughs and sore throats. It goes without saying but they look really good. If you aren’t the type with green fingers there are low maintenance plants that are perfect for you. Chose Peperomia or a Chinses Evergreen plant neither of these need watering more than once a week.

  1. Good Scent:

It’s a known fact that men can’t smell as well as women. I’m afraid you can’t rely on mummy to always come in your room and have a spray of free-breeze you need to take this situation into your own hands.

Candles or room diffuses are great for masking any lingering odors either stale beer or laundry that’s been in the basket a month.

  1. Good Speakers

If you are planning on taking the party back to yours make sure you have a good sound system in place. Throwing your iPhone into a salad bowl won’t cut it. You want to impress don’t you? So make an investment and you may end up setting the mood with a potential partner.


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