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It’s been more or less a decade since Zac Efron graduated from East High and hung up his Wildcat basketball jersey for good. He’s come a long way since his teen musical days, now choosing to star in adult comedies such as Bad Neighbours as well as dramas like We Are Your Friends. And with the recent release of Baywatch, Zac Efron is at the top of his game.

Today, admiring Zac Efron is no longer synonymous with reluctantly admitting you like High School Musical. It’s completely acceptable to admire a talented, funny, fashion forward man. And having moved forward in his career to more adult projects, Zac has grown into his own adult personal style.

Aside from anything else, Zac has worked on his well-groomed appearance before tackling his wardrobe. He replaced the dorky bowl cut with a classy quiff, left his lanky body back on Disney Channel, and went to the gym until his abs had abs. Not to mention that his biceps now give every shirt a killer silhouette.

It’s a true testament to the effort he’s put into his ‘effortless’ good looks. However, effort or not, Zac’s good looks give him a varied yet understated wardrobe which is by no mean new or earth shattering, but it suits Zac perfectly and he pulls it off with the grace and ease of a Hollywood superstar.

As is expected with any Hollywood star, Zac has walked many a red carpet in his life and you may not have noticed but Zac frequently dons a grey suit. Whether it be a three piece, tweed, or even a check, Zac always sways towards a monochrome ensemble. For an ultimate clean cut, the suits are typically tailored in a slim fit which simultaneously boasts his physique and brings a modern twist to a classic outfit.

Zac extends the monochrome colouring to his tie which is usually plain but sometimes features a subtle pattern. However, he steers clear of bright colours and bold designs to allow the suit to speak for itself. He sometimes even adds a bit of flair with a boutonniere on the lapel but always wears classic black leather Oxford shoes for a truly timeless look.

Outside the glamour of premieres and award shows, Zac battles the cold with layers. Seriously, his layering game is on point. He pairs contrasting fabrics and unexpected colours together, often resulting in Western undertones. He typically wears dark coloured shirts cut in a slightly loose fit paired with faded blue jeans or chinos in navy or khaki.

In between the shirts and the coats, Zac will often wear down jackets and a scarf for a bit of extra warmth, adding more depth to his outfit. He completes his winter outfits with leather boots but usually steers away from black, opting for browns and khakis, so he doesn’t succumb to the typical dark colours of the winter months.

For more casual outfits, Zac echos his younger years when he was postered on every teen girl’s walls. However, he doesn’t look quite as scrappy as he used to. He has thankfully left his ill-fitting jeans behind in 2006 and now favours a slimmer silhouette. While he does occasionally sport intentionally distressed denim, he usually prefers solid washes for a cleaner look.

Similar to his winter wardrobe, Zac favours leather boots or high-top trainers with his skinny jeans, usually in black to accentuate the top half of his outfit. Zac likes to keep things simple so he opts for plain crew neck t shirts, sometimes pairing them with a plain varsity jacket. Like his jeans, Zac favours slim fitting tees, shirts, and jackets which boast the lines of his body.

So, whether he’s posing on the red carpet or chilling on the weekend, it’s clear that Zac Efron is no longer the lanky teen heartthrob who graced Disney Channel with his boyish charm in the mid-2000s.

He is a clear style icon of the 21st century and even if you’re not a Hollywood actor and have never walked a red carpet, if you embrace Zac’s simplistic wardrobe, you’ll look and feel like a movie star.

Written by Rachel Glass

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