Jack Victor Suits: Spring/Summer Suits 2017 Review

Jack Victor Limited is a Canadian clothing company that, for decades, has been a beacon for men who care about fashion and style. From its earliest days, Jack Victor has prided itself on offering clients tremendous value and has always relied on outstanding materials and techniques.

Jack Victor’s product line is simple. The company focuses on making suits, blazers and sports coats. The process of making a Jack Victor suit, though, is highly complex and involves hundreds of different operations. After designers create original patterns, a small army of artisans gets to work bringing those visions to life, creating clothes that will be perfectly proportioned and delightful to behold.

If you’d like to see first hand what Jack Victor has to offer for spring and summer, take a tour of the latest collections. These pieces include clothes with brilliant colors and a slightly relaxed feel to them. When you first see these looks, it’s easy to imagine yourself making a toast at a garden party or greeting friends at a gathering aboard a yacht. These pieces are relaxed and modern, yet they certainly don’t lack for refinement.

A Montreal Institution

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Jack Victor founded his clothing company in 1913, and it has remained in the family’s control ever since. Today, Jack’s grandson Alan Victor leads it with the same zeal and attention to detail. Alan adheres to the philosophies of Herschel Victor, his late father, and the company’s second CEO. In particular, Herschel stressed the value of communicating with customers.

Jack Victor has always had one foot in the past and another in the modern world. To that end, the company still relies on many old-fashioned methods for making clothes, and its tailors and other craftspeople are among the most skilled in the world.

At the same time, this brand depends on cutting-edge technologies that won’t lessen the quality of its clothing. In some cases, high-tech machinery can reduce costs and result in extra savings for consumers. In fact, in early 2013, Jack Victor joined forces with the integrated technology company Lectra. Now, the brand relies on Lectra systems that can automatically create patterns and layouts.

Through it all, Jack Victor’s popularity has endured. It’s still so admired that it entered into a partnership with Rogers Media Inc. in 2015. You can now see many of the hosts on Sportsnet, a Canadian cable channel, wearing Jack Victor suits and other items of apparel.

Textures and Details

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The Jack Victor suits that are new for 2017 boast irresistible textures. They’re soft, rich and opulent, in large part because the fabrics come from the Italian province of Biella. Many of the most renowned fabric mills on Earth are located in that region, and some of them have been around for centuries.

For a truly lavish garment, you might purchase a suit from the Jack Victor 1913 Luxury Collection. Each of these suits is made from Super 170s fabrics, which are lightweight and extremely fine. In addition to the alluring textures, these outfits have sumptuous details throughout. For example, every button is unique, with intricate designs unlike any other.

The Color Palette

Jack Victor Suits Color Palette Spring/SummerPhoto credit: Jack Victor

Among the most striking elements of the 2017 spring and summer offerings from Jack Victor are the bold colors. They’re vibrant, yet tasteful and refined. The company has successfully blended bold colors; the greens, blues, grays and other hues of the suits attract attention without being too loud or overpowering.

Unsurprisingly, the Jack Victor neckwear collection is as brightly colored as the jackets, and it includes some gorgeous shades of purple. Not to mention, these ties come in an assortment of vivid plaids and other pleasing patterns.

Exemplary for Many Occasions

Jack Victor suits are ideal for a wide range of events, and they’re designed to fit men of all heights and body shapes. They make the wearer’s shoulders loom larger and the waistline look smaller. You’ll feel extra strapping at weddings, business meetings, bar mitzvahs and wherever you may be going this Friday or Saturday night.

Some of these ensembles ― the pearl gray suit is a great example ― have a throwback quality to them, but with a strong contemporary twist. Inspired by the look of the 1960s, you’ll fit in with flare at work and at social events in these suits. For a less formal affair or an outdoor adventure, you might forget about wearing a tie and instead put on a thick, snug Jack Victor scarf.

The singular magic of Jack Victor lies in the staggeringly high quality of every detail. From the textures to the patterns, from the buttons to the seams, every element represents the apex of the centuries-old art of suit making. A product from this brand will frame and showcase each part of your body in the most flattering way possible. If you take care of it, such a suit will last you decades, and it’ll stay in style all the while. You will be wearing your favorite item from the 2017 Jack Victor spring/summer collection for many seasons to come.

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