Isaia Fall Collection of 2016 – Fashion Color of Suit Report

When we refer to Spring and summer, which colors will you think of?  Bold and bright?

From Miami Beach pink, to key lime green, to classic cream linen, most men want lightweight and colorful options for the warmer months.

Transitioning to the cooler fall season is a little bit more difficult, however. Whether you’re looking for suits for work, or you just like to wear suits out at night, the Isaia fall collection can help you transition from summer to fall and well into the winter months.

Best of all, you’ll get a top-quality suit that you’ll be able to wear for many years to come when you buy from the Isaia fall collection. All men need a few decent suits for every season after all.

Plaid is Back

Plaid never really went away, and if it did, it started to make its comeback a few years ago. In the fall of 2016, plaid is a mainstay among brands making the top men’s suits like Isaia. In fact, their fall collection is full of all sorts of plaid patterns that are bold, yet refined enough to be worn in the most buttoned down of offices in the city.

Red and green, silver and black and even brown and mustard plaids are hugely popular this season and definitely a big part of the Isaia fall collection. These might seem pretty bold to most guys, but once you put one on, you’ll see why they are fashion mainstays for men that wear suits every single day.

When working with plaids, your best bet is to stick with solid-colored shirts that don’t stand out too much. In most cases, you simply can’t go wrong with a solid white shirt or one that’s just a shade or two creamier.

Nautical ties and patterned ties – but not stripes – also work well with plaid suits. Just make sure the colors work and never pick a tie with so much texture that it fights the jacket over top of it.

Stripes are Stylish

Vertical stripes fell out of style as many men chose suits that looked more mid-1960s than early to mid-1970s. Fashion is cyclical and those suits that weren’t really big hits the last few years are quite popular right now. That’s why vertical stripes are playing a role in the Isaia fall collection.

Most of the vertical stripes that you’ll find in the Isaia fall collection are done in monochromatic color schemes and feature relatively understated colors. Slate gray, shark skin and silver, as well as softer brown earth tones and creams are very popular.

For men that want to get ahead of the trends, at least by a year or two, buying vertical stripes now will make you look like a trend setter in your office. They’re also relatively easy to work with when it comes to pair shirts, ties and accessories.

If you do opt for a striped suit, you won’t go wrong with a solid-colored shirt. If the pattern is basic enough, you can also get away with bolder colors like pink and olive if the colors work for your skin tone and personal style. Another option with striped suits is contrasting check pattern or micro-dot dress shirts for a more modern look.

When it comes to ties, you can do almost anything you want – except vertical stripes. Suits with vertical stripes can typically handle some heavy texture as well, so those knit ties and heavy wool ties can really shine here.

With this type of suit, limit shiny accessories like tie bars, as well as decorative touches like lapel flowers to one or two at the most. You run the risk of looking like you’re trying just a little bit too hard if you wear more than that.

Green Machine

Green plaids are a mainstay in the men’s suit world, but in the Isaia fall collection this year, green is taking center stage, at least for part of the show. The hot greens this year range from forest green to olive, but whatever you do, stay away from anything that’s too bright for the cooler parts of the season.

Other versions of green suits are appearing all over the place though. If you like the vertical stripe trend, adding some green into your wardrobe this way – with a green and cream or soft brown stripe, for example – can really set your look apart from all of the other guys wearing solid suits.

When pairing shirts with green suits, your best bet here really is a solid white shirt in most cases. Taupes and tans can work well, especially if you’re going for a rugged, old-fashioned look, but you’ll need to make sure this combination works for your skin tone.

Green suits definitely lend themselves to textured ties, so make use of natural earth tones like red, rust, amber, dark mustard and even brown. Avoid ties that are too bright or have too much shine to them in most cases.

Like with blue suits, you’ll get the choice of black shoes or brown suits for most shades of green. Brown shoes will generally be the standout as the obvious choice, but if black shoes look better with the rest of your outfit, don’t be afraid to wear them. Black boots can even add metropolitan sophistication to an otherwise modest look.

Blue suits have never gone out of style, but the popular high blues aren’t exactly fall appropriate. That’s why the Isaia fall collection is embracing different shades of blue that are perfect options in the cold weather.

Hues like Riverside blue, one of the popular Pantone colors of the season, are vibrant and sophisticated, helping you transition from brighter blues of the summer season to more traditional navy blue in the winter. Other choices like airy blue – a play on high blue with considerably more gray or steel – are also prominently featured in the Isaia fall collection.

Blue plaids are also playing a big role in how men are dressing for this season. Of course, you can’t ever go wrong with navy blue, which is always going to be a big part of any Isaia fall collection for men who want something timeless and classic.

Working with a blue suit might seem like a slam dunk for most guys, but what you wear with one can really impact your overall look. In a white or sky blue shirt, you’ll likely take on a more traditional look. Pair that with a red tie – even if it is wooly in texture – and you’ll have a formal, business-like look that will get you in the door anywhere.

Men looking for a look that’s a little outside the box can pair blue suits with cream, pink and even red shirts this season. Skip the tie for a formal look or go for something with a light stripe or a nearly invisible micro-dot. More than that and you’ll probably look like you’re putting way too many patterns together.

In terms of shoes, black is always safe. Brown can work well for many blue suits though, especially if you’re going for a more casual look.

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