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Despite being an outfit essential in some of the biggest blockbuster movies, you don’t have to be a Hollywood hero to don some aviator sunglasses. A classic summer staple for decades, these sunglasses are a fantastic option when choosing which style of shades to wear that not only protect your eyes, but enhance your outfit.

So whether you’re a fan of Top Gun, a Rambo wannabe or simply a man of style, aviators are never a bad choice when the warmer months roll around.

Aviators were originally developed by Bausch & Lomb (Now the internationally sought brand Ray Ban) and were created for the use of pilots to protected their eyes when flying (hence the name).


Eventually, mainstream caught wind of the stylish shades, their surging popularity owing thanks to their place in movies such as Top Gun, Rambo and Scarface. As time has gone on, aviators have only grown in popularity thanks to a combination of celebrity culture and mainstream media.

The defining characteristics of aviator shades are usually as follows: thin wire frames, lenses which are 2-3x the area of the eyeball and are quite often reflective (however, this final characteristic is not always the case in more recent years). Here at mainline menswear we have a large variety shades, including a great host of aviators for you to choose from.

Below are some of our favourites which are sure to suit any of your summer outfits.

First on the list, we’re sure you’re no stranger to Prada, and Prada is no stranger to quality. With a huge selection of colours in the same sleek style, the Linea Rossa aviators offer a great variety of choices with subtle frame differences. Several of the range have the classic wire frame whilst a few of the pairs have thicker arm adding some variance.


Prada Linea Rossa Aviator Sunglasses

The originators of the aviators, Ray Ban set the standard for all style of sunglasses. Their Tech 8301 model are a smaller, sleeker take on the classic larger lense aviators, and so are perfect for someone of a more subtle fashion sense. With resilient carbon fibre frames, the quality of these shades will ensure they last. Available in colour schemes gunmetal or black, there’s sure to be a style to suit your outfit.


Rayban Tech 8301 Aviator Sunglasses

Last but by no means least, the Ray Ban 3025 aviator sunglasses are the much more classic style of aviator shades with the characteristic larger lenses and thinner wire frames. If you’re looking for a more vintage look then accessorising with these is definitely the way to go.

rayban aviator sunglasses

Ray Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Available in a wide range of colours, from dark gunmetal to bright gold, there’s bound to be a style to suit you.

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