How to Rock a Denim Jacket

What’s better than going to the beach on a hot summer’s day? Not much in our opinion – it’s what summer is for!

Before you hit the sand, it pays to be prepared. We recommend putting together a beach essentials kit for you to make the most of the day – you don’t want to get to the beach to realise you’ve forgotten something important!

Beach Bag

First things first, you need a bag to carry your beach essentials kit in. You don’t want anything too heavy duty or bulky weighing you down on your stroll along the sand so a backpack would be ideal.

Our pick would be the Superdry Lineman Embossed Montana Backpack in Blue. It has one large zip for entry in the top and two additional pouches inside – perfect for separating your clean clothes from your sandy swim shorts. It also has a secure front pocket for your phone, keys and other valuables!

And not to mention the bright blue colour – a summer staple!

Beach Towel

Whether you plan on going for a dip in the sea or not, a towel is still an essential! You don’t want to sit directly on the beach and end up getting sand in places sand does not want to be…

Pack this Luke 1977 Lovely Melons Towel into your beach kit to avoid finding sand for days (if you know what I mean).


Not everybody loves the feeling of sand between their toes. If you’re one of those people, this next item is going to be an absolute saviour!

These Lacoste L30 Slide Flip Flops in Navy are the perfect footwear for a trip to the beach. They’re easy to slip on and off and also designed with grooves to allow water drainage – in case you decide to brave a quick paddle.


Nothing is worse than sitting in the sun all day, with the sun blazing directly onto your scalp. You may seem fine at first but once the heat stroke kicks in, it’s a different story.

Protect yourself with the Tommy Hilfiger Classic Cap in White – the lighter the colour, the better for reflecting the sun instead of absorbing it.


What’s a trip to the beach if you’re unable to take in the views of pasty people trying to catch a tan? Remember to pack your fave pair of sunglasses to avoid damage to the eyes (from the sun, not the sunbathers) – you also don’t want premature wrinkles from squinting all day!

Our perfect sunglasses for the beach are the classic Ray Ban 2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses in Black. A more sturdy pair of sunglasses are ideal for a beach trip – in case of any activities that could cause them to fall off.

Swim Shorts

A beach visit would not be complete without taking a pair of swim shorts. Not only are they better than tanning in a longer pair of shorts, you’re also ready for a dip in the sea for when/if the UK weather gets too intense and you need to cool off.

Our favourite pair of swim shorts this season are the Boss Hugo Boss Octopus Swim Shorts in Navy. We like to keep it subtle on the beach in the UK – save the tropical prints for your summer vacay.

There you have it, the perfect beach trip essentials kit! Just one more thing though – remember the sun cream (we don’t sell that, so it’s down to you!)

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