Tell You How to Look Your Best With Proper Suit Tailoring

Whether you’re on the hunt for a suit for work or for play, there are some guidelines to follow. It starts with picking the right suit if you decide to buy off the rack. A new suit can make any man feel like a million bucks, and if you need to wear one to work, or you just like to, having a few in your closet is a must. However, getting a new suit tailored isn’t always as easy as you’d like.

Even if you know what it is you’re looking to buy, the tailor you choose to work with can make or break your look. That means taking the time to find somebody who understands your needs is crucial.

Keep reading to learn more about getting the best suit possible with the right tailor.

Why are You Buying?

Before you shell out your hard-earned money for a suit, take some time to figure out why you’re purchasing one. Are you shopping for a suit that you plan to wear to work? Do you need a suit for a wedding or any other special events that may come up in the future?

Whatever the reason may be, knowing can help you determine what’s right. After all, that white linen suit might be perfect for summer nights, but if you need work attire, it’s not going to cut it.

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Check the Shoulders

When you’re looking for suits off the rack, it’s easy to think that any adjustments can be made by a tailor. As long as you like the style and it isn’t too small, chances are it will be fine, right?

Remember, a suit that’s too large is easier to deal with than a suit that’s too small. That’s especially true when it comes to how the shoulders fit. Alterations to make the shoulders of a jacket fit are difficult to perform, expensive and rarely look as good as they should. Get the right fit in the shoulders and you’re half way there.

Find a Skilled Tailor

You’ve got a suit in your hands that you love, but the fit just isn’t quite right. At the very least, you feel like some alterations could turn your average Joe look into something closer to a movie star look. Finding the right tailor is your next step.

To find a tailor, start by asking well-dressed men you know, who they go to. These can be guys you work with, play poker with or just see at the gym regularly. As long as they look good and share your sense of style, asking for their tailor’s name could make your search much easier.

Most men with a good tailor are happy to share. After all, every guy knows how hard it can be to find one that will do excellent work.

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Discuss Your Style

When you find a great tailor who can do the work for you, it’s an awesome feeling. However, they do need to understand your style, not just what’s trending at the moment.

Sit down and talk to your tailor about what you’re looking for in a suit. If you can, bring a suit that fits the way you like, or have some prepared pictures that give them an idea of what fit and styling you prefer.

The more guidance you give your tailor, the easier it will be for them to nail your particular look the first time around. That means a better relationship in general and less changes that need to be made down the road.

What About Next Year?

A lot of guys rush out and buy a suit that’s trendy now. That’s easy to do because that’s what a lot of suit makers are selling. If something is popular, department stores and menswear stores are going to be pushing that as well.

When it comes to suit tailoring though, you may not always want something that’s so trendy, especially if it might be out of style next year. If you want a suit you can keep for long-term wear, consider adding some trend-based elements, but also work to craft a suit that’s somewhat timeless.

Shorter sleeves and a darted waist might be popular in suit tailoring today, but a classic suit that’s slim but not tight won’t ever go out of style. If you’re just building a wardrobe of suits, you need something that will look as good next year as it does today.

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Dress for Success

Most guys who are new to getting a suit tailored show up with the suit they want worked on on a hanger. That’s a big mistake when you’re meeting with a tailor to have a suit altered.

Instead, make sure you wear a dress shirt, tie and a pair of shoes similar to the ones that you would wear with the suit. If you’re on a tight schedule, at the very least, bring those things with you so you can put them on in the tailor’s shop. Trying to properly measure a man for a suit is difficult when he’s wearing a t-shirt and tennis shoes.

Giving the tailor an idea of what you’ll be wearing with the suit will make it easier for them to perfect the overall look. You want to make sure the suit tailoring is done right, and without the items you’ll actually wear with the suit, it can be nearly impossible to know.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Changes

Once it’s time to go pick up your suit, make sure to be honest about how you feel. Speak up and let your tailor know if you find anything you don’t like. After all, you do want to be satisfied with the end product.

They’ll likely fix any problem you spot quickly and also use that information for any future alterations. In some cases, they might even be able to do it on the spot so you can go home with your suit that same day.

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Follow Up

Once your suit tailoring is finished, that doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of the woods. A good tailor will be more than willing to help if you happen to find any issues after leaving the shop. Following up is the only way to get exactly what you want, especially if you’re new to suit tailoring in general, or still searching for your exact style.

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