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You might argue that gingham shirts are the same as checked shirts. Well, we have news for you; you’re so wrong.

Is there a difference? YES.

Gingham is essentially a fabric of two colours in a striped pattern. It cannot be three. Western countries have re-defined the meaning of gingham where the design is not striped but checked. Originally, the word ‘gingham’ derived from the Mayalam word ‘genggang’, which is also known as ‘striped,’ where the yarn is dyed before it’s woven.

The difference is that gingham is more of a stripy pattern whereas the checked design is structured in square shapes and often has a tartan design. Gingham is a reoccurring pattern in the fashion industry and is especially worn in the spring and summer.


Stripes, in general, create the effect of a broader figure. Gingham’s stripy pattern brings the impression of a larger torso. Avoid this because it makes your figure appear unbalanced. For a shapely look, gingham shirts work best in a fitted size. Make sure you spend time tailoring the shirt to your shape.

Gingham shirts must hug your figure but also be loose and comfortable. Ensure that the seams at the sleeves attaching the shirt rest on your shoulder. For a smart look, Ralph Lauren’s slim fitted monochrome shirt can be worn with black trousers or with denim jeans and a leather jacket for a casual style.


Darker colours like navy, forest green, and ash-grey provide a flattering look for all body types. Go for a monochrome colour, or navy and white for a smarter occasion. For a summery look, try lighter colours like this Fred Perry’s classic gingham shirt. Merged with a green checked design, the glacier blue and white gingham design is perfect for a beach style, and can be paired with brown chino shorts.

For an evening look, style it with black chinos and a black tie. You don’t want to clash this gingham shirt with complicated patterns, so aim to match it with plain clothing.


If you want something different, why not try this regular fit shirt that contains an interesting design aspect. While still maintaining the original gingham design, Hugo Boss Green’s navy shirt includes a white microdot detail. For a classic look, combine this shirt with a navy tailored blazer, dark-wash jeans and learn how to match it with stylish brogues.


Uncomfortable with blaring stripes and checked-style designs? If you’re looking for a simpler pattern for an office or a formal event but still desire a little bit of uniqueness, go for Armani Jean’s navy and white gingham shirt. Its micro gingham check design and long sleeves with adjustable button fastening cuffs create a suitably smart but trendy look.

Its soft cotton Italian fabric will bring comfort, and the custom fitting ensures a fitted look making you appear shapely. Add a dark blazer or military-style coat for a structured look. Learn about how to match ties with patterned shirts.


This 100% cotton Barbour blue gingham shirt has a tailored fit and is great for any casual wear occasion. This shirt differs from a classic gingham-style shirt where the check design is in dark and light blue instead of blue and white.

With adjustable button fastening cuffs on the long sleeves and featuring a pouch pocket, this shirt can be worn with dark denim and crew neck jumper on a work night out.


If you’re one of those people who dislikes showing the buttons on shirts, then this gingham shirt is the one for you. Luke 1977’s navy and white gingham shirt features a fully front concealed pearlescent button fastening – it covers the buttons with an extra tab of fabric.

This long-sleeved shirt with adjustable button fastening cuffs and a button fastening on the pouch pocket can be paired with a stylish bomber jacket. Make sure you don’t mix the shirt with a patterned or colourful design as it will clash.

The key aspect to take away from this is to consider what patterns you are mixing with gingham shirts. The answer is to match checks and stripes with a single block plain colour. Gingham shirts are the statement piece of the outfit because they are trendy and can be styled for any occasion.

The trick is to understand how to style gingham shirts to create a smart or casual look; for instance, accessorise your gingham shirt in a suit. Mainline Menswear provides all types of gingham from a straightforward striped pattern and checks to tartan.

Written by Bhinduka Yokalingham

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