How and when to wear cologne

Seasonal wardrobe essentials, short sleeve shirts are a must have for anyone hoping to survive the heat and humidity of a Great British ‘summer’. The short sleeves and versatility in being able to button down your shirt make this type of top a fantastic option. There’s a great variety to choose from, so we’re going to run down several different types to help you style yourself this season!


The most popular type of short sleeve shirts – plain colour schemes go with almost anything so long as the colours don’t clash. They’re great for any sort of style as their plain colour make them a ‘blank slate’ piece of apparel, allowing you to draw more attention to other aspects of your outfit be it a hat, accessories or some new nike airs. Below are some great options, all of which can fit any occasion.

Ralph Lauren Seersucker Shirt White | Gant Regular Tech Prep Shirt Blue | Luke 1977 Adam Keyte Short Sleeve Shirt Navy


If you’re more courageous in your clothing choices then printed shirts are sure to depict your colourful character whilst remaining practical and trendy. Jazzy, lively, vibrant or eye-catching; whatever your description, these printed shirts are the sort to have you standing out from the crowd. Great options for evening BBQ’s that are later taken to town, these shirts can be paired with anything from shorts and sandals to smart black chinos and shoes for a more formal feel.

Diesel S Westy Shirt Pink | Antony Morato Floral Chambray Shirt Blue | Vivienne Westwood Patterned Shirt Grey

Tartan /Checked/Gingham

A halfway house between plain and printed shirts; tartan, checked and gingham shirts are a great choice for any and everyone. Whether you’re reserved in your fashion sense or a man of many colours, tartan/checked/gingham shirts never look out of place in the summer and are very casual. Being a mid-way option, these types of shirts can be worn on a great variety of occasions, from day-time barbecues and picnics in the park, to going out for dinner and nights out on the town.

Fred Perry Classic Gingham Shirt Black | Fred Perry Summer Tartan Shirt Red | Levis Barstow Western Check Shirt Blue

Above is a brief run down of the three main type of short sleeve button up. Of course, there are exceptions that fall through the gaps and can be in more than one group (e.g. plain shirts with printed sleeves), but for the most part, the above categories have you covered.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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