Hickey Freeman Review: Suits, Jackets and Trousers

These days, Hickey Freeman is an astoundingly resurgent fashion company. It’s a brand that Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey founded in 1899. From the start, their mission was to create a national menswear brand that would offer the finest in tailoring services.

At midcentury, the company experienced a golden age. At that time, style icon John F. Kennedy was among its customers.

After suffering a small lull in the market, Hickey Freeman was purchased by Grano Retail Investments, a Canadian organization, which started investing in technologies such as lasers that cut fabric. Still, many tailoring activities are best performed by hand, and Hickey Freeman’s brilliant tailors handle those tasks with loving care.

Nowadays, the company is still known for its high-quality craftsmanship. It has become so trendy once again that it participated in New York City’s first Men’s Fashion Week in July 2016.

To whet your sartorial appetite even further, here’s a brief Hickey Freeman review that will introduce you to a few of the brand’s popular lines of apparel.


If you want an off-the-rack Hickey Freeman suit, these products come in three groups: Addison, Beacon and Hamilton. The Addison suits tend to be a bit more conservative, and the Beacon version is cut slimmer. The Hamilton suit hugs the body a little more tightly to flatter your figure. The brand also offers made-to-measure suits that are ready to wear in four to six weeks.

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There’s a slightly daring element to some Hickey Freeman suits. The 2017 spring collection features outfits inspired by the scenery of the American Southwest. For example, it offers suits that are the color of white sand.

Another popular product is Hickey Freeman’s line of Tasmanian suits. Tasmanian is a light, breathable fabric that’s made in Italy from exclusive Australian wools. In addition, the company makes an array of flannel and sharkskin suits that come in navy, charcoal and dove gray. If you’re looking for intricated patterns, plaid, microcheck, herringbone and stripes are available.


Almost any Hickey Freeman review will tell you that their suit jackets are sumptuous inside and out. They feature a wealth of splendid details like corozo nut buttons and pockets with Italian cotton.

The company’s jackets are diverse. It manufactures safari jackets, dinner jackets, traveler coats, duster coats, among others. When you rely on Hickey Freeman for your coats, you’ll be styled for all kinds of social events and outings. The ivory shawl dinner jacket is perfect whenever you’re on a tropical getaway.

As is true of Hickey Freeman suits, these jackets sport assorted patterns, such as microcheck, houndstooth, plaid and windowpane, to please disparate tastes. These jackets let you express your personality. The blue mesh jacket radiates friendliness and cheerfulness. The micronsphere jacket is a unique wool that keep stains and wrinkles at bay, perfect for an evening of dining and dancing.

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Hickey Freeman is especially focused on its trouser business. They have a wide selection of khakis and other pants that are somewhat dressy but not too formal. These trousers are the new popular choice that many men are wearing to the office and upscale social events when, in the past, they might’ve stuck to dress pants.

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Hickey Freeman uses elegant fabrics to create pants that are comfortable all day long. Many of their pants feel so comfortable that you’ll be reluctant to take them off when you get home. Trousers can be made from flannel, cashmere, silk and traveler wool, and many of their pants boast a decadent blend. Your color choices include black, gray, tan, blue, charcoal and navy.

You can decide between flat-front and pleated pants. If you’re unfamiliar with those terms, pleated pants have folds, called pleats, located in the front and above the legs. Flat-front pants lack pleats, and they fit more snugly.

The Pride of Rochester

From the day the company launched, Hickey Freeman employees have handcrafted clothing in a massive facility in Rochester, New York. This factory is known as the Temple, and to the people who work there, fashion is sacred. Those talented individuals hail from many different nations, and they’re attracted by the company’s unyielding quest for excellence.

With sport shirts, knit ties and all sorts of accessories among its merchandise, Hickey Freeman provides countless ways to build and refine your existing wardrobe. As many a Hickey Freeman review on the internet will tell you, the brand’s products appeal to younger men, older guys and fellows who are somewhere in between.

Hickey Freeman’s official motto is “Keep the Quality Up.” When you purchase their jackets, suits, trousers and other apparel, you’ll be doing exactly that for your fashion sense.

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