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A wedding in the summer sun sounds great, doesn’t it? The perfect time to relax, enjoy what the weather has to offer and put your feet up, all whilst celebrating the love of two people. Fortunately, here at Mainline we have a love for helping you look the part for any occasion, and seasonal weddings are no exception.

Whilst a lot of you are probably thinking the dress code for a summer wedding is a matter of common sense, there are actually a few things to consider that often get overlooked when picking your getup for such an occasion. Whilst the weather is important, what people often overlook is the fact that weddings tend to continue into the early hours of the morning, which means you’ll be dancing the night away in either a hired venue or outside in the evening air. With this in mind, it’s important to have an outfit that can accommodate both the daytime ceremony and the evening antics that are sure to follow.

Depending on the dress code of the wedding and how formal the celebration, there are several options we recommend. First up, this Vivienne Westwood slim fit blue suit is perfect if the sun is shining without the humidity. It’s smart, stylish, modern and perfect for a garden wedding. The white undershirt is necessary as it keeps the outfit bright and reflects the sun. Alternatively, if you decide to take off the blazer, you’ll not comprise the formality of your getup with the white shirt and sleek, pink tie combo.

Vivienne Westwood Checked James Suit | Boss Hugo Boss Woven Silk Tie | Boss Hugo Boss Jerrin Slim Fit Shirt

Secondly, a great option for a more informal dress code are chinos, boat shoes/loafers, a pastel coloured shirt and a subtle tie. Depending on just how formal the dress code, you can go with some bright coloured chinos, combining them with an equally summery shirt and tie. Finish of this more casual ceremonial style with some boat shoes or loafers worn without socks and your look is complete! So long as the fit and colour scheme look neat, you can’t go wrong with some smart fitted chinos and button ups.

Ralph Lauren Oxford Knit Shirt Blue | Boss Orange Schino 1 Slim Fit Trousers | Boss Hugo Boss Woven Silk Tie | Ted Baker Dougge Shoes

Above are just a few options when styling yourself for a summertime wedding. It’s important to take into account the dress code of the ceremony when choosing your outfit, and if you’re unsure whether what you plan on wearing is smart enough or not, just remember that it’s always better to overdress than underdress; that way you’ll draw attention for the right reasons.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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