The G-Star RAW for the Oceans SS15

Since 2001 the company has hugely expanded, now being one of the leading retailers for raw denim; selling jeans, jackets, shirts and more.  Nudie jeans was founded in 2001 by Swedish designer Maria Erixon. The company specialises in dry and raw denim – which is denim in its most natural form, immediately after being dyed. Nudie Jeans

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How Nudie prepares jeans is the mark of true craftsmanship. Dry denim all starts out life as a dark indigo colour, although it can be dyed to create all the colours of jeans available today. All dry denim is unwashed, which is why the fabric is often harder than worn jeans, and needs to be moulded to an individual’s legs.

This makes each pair of Nudie jeans truly unique, as the distressed marks and fading of the colour are specific to who wears the jeans. The fabric changes shape slightly according to your body, and dry denim will reflect how a person moves around. Distresses will form in the fabric at the bend of the knee, and colour may fade depending on where your phone is in your pocket, or what shoes you wear your jeans with.

All Nudie jeans are made with 100% organic cotton, providing the absolute best material for denim. This means your jeans will last longer, and also you’re doing your bit for the environment too by reducing pollution levels from chemically grown cotton. Nudie 2 Nudie 3

The same process that Nudie uses for jeans applies to all their denim products. Shirts and jackets are available in raw, untreated denim so these can be uniquely sculpted to your body to create the perfect fit. Nudie also sells knitwear, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories made with organic cotton and other economically farmed materials – a big part of their ethos.

If you want to find the perfect Nudie piece to suit your own style and size, Mainline Menswear can provide it for you. With a range sizes, colours and designs you can find your wardrobe essentials with us.

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