Fiona Apple Sings Her New Christmas Song


Remembering Fiona Apple? She was one of the late 1990’s alt-rock actresses who had been recording and traveling sporadically for years (she had notoriously canceled part of her tour because her dog was ill).

Well, she was on time to ruin the holiday a bit narcissistic a political gesture.

According to “New York” magazine, a weird video shows Apple ‘s singing version of the expression Nat King Cole’ s “Christmas Song.

The video, the apple messy-haired bow in the camera and the background has a dog called, not entirely suitable for family vacations. The song, “Donald Trump,” began with Apple singing, “Trump’s Outdoors Barbecue”, from there to go downhill, with the lyrics over the pedophile of the “Creepy Uncle.” Fuck you, “Apple channel Xini O’Connor’s infamous stunt and tear up a photo is better than that.

Imagine, if you like, a conservative singer doing a similar imitation of the song about Barack Obama (Barack Obama) was elected. She is unlikely to be met with a doldrumed comment on Apple’s “New York” magazine’s website (“She’s a goddess!”) One wrote, “Thank you, thank you,” said the other. One Mashable writer even praised Apple for her “freshness of a typical sentiment.”

After the difficult election season, as the festival draws near, people will think that celebrities, everyone (wrapped them from real-world problems, be able to lift the lucrative travel nurse pet) can shelve political party fights just for Christmas. There is no such luck. With the start of the New Year, and Trump being sworn in as president, remember that free celebrity performances like Apple’s mainstream appeal are better than good and citizens. If celebrities want to live in a friendly, moderate, and tolerant culture, they should first practice what they preach.

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