Feng Chen Wang’s “Rework” best series landed in London Fashion Week

Feng Chen Wang published the brand new“Rework” capsule series on the internet at London Fashion Week on June 12. To be able to lower the environmental impact and encourage sustainable growth, the designer again completely introduced the idea of Rework to this sequence.

Since the new continuing environmental defense theory, this collection recycles past fabrics and styles, utilizes the timeless”two-in-one” deconstruction theory and three-dimensional cutting methods to make brand-new layouts. She boldly reinterprets each memory in the kind of vision and design.

The”Rework” series combines the notions of recycling and redesign, redesigning and deconstructing Feng Chen Wang’s previous fashions and fabrics, intending to decrease the brand’s effect on the environment, thus giving new life into the remaining cloths and clothes.

The programmer integrated her powerful nostalgia within this capsule collection, and in precisely the exact same time re-presented that the AW18 series”There is not any greater place than home”. Inspired by the home number 239 in her memory, she embroidered amounts on her clothing to express her memories of her childhood home. The iconic”Made in China” layout in the SS18 series has been shrouded inside this capsule collection, highlighting its international significance. “Rework” reorganizes the designer’s previous crucial show and gives it a new life and significance, which also suggests the recovery of lifestyle and a new comprehension of memory.

The show interprets Feng Chen Wang’s memories of yesteryear visually: the garments his parents dry outside are at the end. Additionally, this expresses the notion of balanced coexistence with nature and its environment in life.

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