The 2016 Guide – Fall Wedding Attire for Men

If you’re a guy, knowing what you should wear to a fall wedding can be pretty tricky. A lot of couples are making it even more confusing by using phrases like “dressy casual” on their invitations. Don’t fear though – you can find the appropriate mens wedding attire, even for a fall event. Back in the old days, people used to wait until spring to have their wedding. At least they did most of the time. Today, more and more couples are getting hitched whenever they feel like it – even in the chilly months leading up to winter.

Use this guide to make sure you’re the most dapper guy at the event, whether it’s a casual affair or one that’s considerably more formal.

The Elephant in Black Tie

Before we can really start to talk about fall mens wedding attire, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. That elephant just happens to be wearing black tie in this case.

If you’ve been invited to a black tie wedding in the fall, there are no rule deviations that you can follow or looks that are better than that plain black tuxedo. As unique as it might be, that burnt umber tuxedo isn’t going to cut it at a formal wedding. Just follow the basic rules and you’ll be fine.

On days that are particularly cold you will be forgiven for wearing a coat, but expect to check it or leave it on a chair during the ceremony and following reception.

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Dark Blue, Can’t Lose

Whether you’re picking mens wedding attire for a fall wedding or an event where you just don’t know the dress code because of vague invitation instructions, you can’t go wrong in a dark blue suit. In fact, dark blue is pretty much the closest thing to an all-around, perfect-for-every-situation suit that you’ll find.

When choosing a dark blue suit, look for one that’s between the more moderate shades of blue and midnight blue. You’ll get the most use out of a suit that’s not nearly black, but also not in the high blue family.

Pair your dark blue suit with a crisp white shirt and a dark tie for a formal look. You would be hard pressed to miss in a graphite blue, gray or black tie. If you think the event you’re going to might be a bit more casual, a red or brighter blue tie, perhaps even one with a micro-dot or abstract pattern, is the way to go.

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Gray for a Gray Day

There’s no guarantee that the wedding you attend is going to be all gray just because it is in the fall. Actually, we hope it isn’t, for the bride and groom. After all, it’s a lot harder to get a good picture where everybody looks happy when it’s overcast and chilly outside.

When it comes to mens wedding attire for the fall, a gray suit is always an excellent option. That’s because gray is dark enough for more formal events, but not quite as dressy as black or midnight blue. For the best overall look and a suit you can wear year round, go for something in the charcoal or slate family.

Another option that you have for a fall wedding is a gray flannel suit. Even a suit with a bit of plaid pattern or a delicate stripe will be appropriate as fall mens wedding attire. If you already have a lot of suits in your closet, this type of patterned suit might be a better overall addition anyway.

To complete the look, we recommend a white shirt and a gray tie. Experience and enjoy the power of monochrome dress this year. You might never go back.

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Get Green

Guys looking for a suit that’s a little bit outside the box might not know where to turn for the fall months. Sure, taupe and tan can work well, and brown might be fine too. However, green is really a popular color in mens wedding attire, as well as one that will set you apart from all of the other guys at a fall wedding.

When you’re shopping for a green suit, what you’re looking for is a tone that’s more hunter green than lime green or Jell-O green. Those might be okay and even fun for the spring, but in the fall, they’ll make you look more like a clown than a well-dressed gentleman.

If you do wear a green suit, go for one that’s more slim-fit than classic cut. You’ll want to do this because green suits can look a bit old and dated if you wear one wrong – even if they’re very trendy right now.

Pair your green suit with a white or off-white shirt and a crisp tie. Avoid colors like umber, but do embrace oxblood. Believe it or not, you won’t look like a Christmas tree or a fancy Santa Claus.

Instead, you’ll have guys drooling over your suit and ladies drooling over that well-dressed guy in green.

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Let’s Talk Black Suits

In a perfect world, you could wear that black suit that just happens to fit you better than all of the other garments in your closet. There’s also a good chance that other guys are going to be wearing black suits at a fall wedding.

The problem is that black suits might look very formal in a fall wedding situation where the décor is more on the rustic side. If you’re attending a relatively casual wedding, you’ll also look way too dressed up.

The only time a black suit is perfectly fine for a fall wedding is when you know the event is going to be particularly formal, but not formal enough to call it a black tie event. An overcast day can also help your cause, but you probably shouldn’t leave planning what you’re wearing until you’ve seen the weather report the morning of the wedding.

If you do choose a black suit, go with a bright white shirt and a tie in a color other than black. A red or bright blue tie can help create a more lively look.

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Keep Accessories Minimal

A lot of guys think of the fall and winter seasons as times when they can pile on coats, scarves, sweaters and all sorts of accessories. While we understand the need to bundle up when it’s 30-degrees outside, you really don’t need to wear every single accessory that you have to a wedding.

In general, you’ll look more put-together if you stick to two accessories, and maybe a watch, to complete your look. For example, a pocket square can be a great way to brighten up a dark blue or charcoal suit, but you don’t need to combine it with a metal tie bar and a lapel flower.

If you do wear cufflinks, consider those, along with a matching tie bar. Add anything more than a lapel flower or pocket square and you’re going to look like you worked way too hard on getting dressed.

That’s rarely a good look for a guy that’s a guest at a wedding.

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