Did This Major League Baseball Team Take Part in a Cult or the Backstreet Boys?

Yesterday, the Colorado Rockies—a Major League Baseball team that’s not doing as horribly this season as they normally do—decided to dress in the above outfits.

What? Why?!

Are you in a cult?

Are you going to Wimbledon?

Are you in the Backstreet Boys?

Are you in your traditional baptismal garments?

Are you either Alex or one of his droogs?

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Listen, Rockies: You’re doing really well. You’ve won eight of your last 10 games. Your bats are on fire right now. You just swept the Yankees. You’re one game under 500 and only eight games out of first place in the swiss patek philippe replica watchesNL West (which doesn’t sound great, but it is for the Rockies).

Don’t ruin it with horrible, all-white, matching outfits. Why would you do that?

Oh, this is why, according to outfielder Carlos Gonzalez:

“No, it’s not Miami Vice. I just look good in white,” Gonzalez told the Denver Post. “Then you just got to put on a pair of shades to complete it and you’re good to go.”


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