Custom Dress Pants: Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Custom dress pants can be works of art, and as long as they’re carefully and expertly made, they’ll impress the fashion fans in your life. To be sure that you get the high quality product you were hoping for, consider a few trouser fundamentals.

First, every part of your custom pants should fit exceedingly well. Second, your pants should be made of exceptional fabrics. Third, your tailor needs to have included all of the design elements you requested, whether that includes extra roomy pockets or the crispest of creases.

Let’s explore these attributes in more detail, so you can be confident that, from the waist to the hems, your pants are worth every cent.

A Perfect Fit

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To begin with, dressy pants should stay around your waist. They shouldn’t sag or tumble to your hips.

You can do a quick finger test to make sure your dress pants are just roomy enough. With your pants fastened, can you fit your index finger between your pants and your body? If not, they might be too tight. However, if you insert your finger and still have space left over, they may be too loose.

The hips and the seat should have form to them; they shouldn’t droop. At the same time, the fabric should provide a little breathing room. It’s not good if they stretch out each time you sit or bend. It should also be easy for you to place your wallet, phone and other possessions in your pockets.

Expect your custom dress pants to be more flattering to your body than any off-the-rack pants you’ve owned. That’s because they’re made according to your specific measurements. On top of that, they should accentuate the elements of your figure you wish to show off and, to some degree, mask or draw attention from any areas you’d rather not emphasize.

Features and Fabrics

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With custom dress pants, you have free range, within reason, as far as the features and accessories that you order. With that in mind, your tailor should be open to your thoughts and suggestions, and willing to explain all of the options at your disposal.

Don’t be shy about asking plenty of questions. How else will you make the best selections as far as the seams, pockets and so on? In fact, if you feel as though your tailor is rushing you or making choices for you, ask to slow down and collaborate to ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Here are a few ideas about features to get you started. First, outstanding dress pants usually have one crease per leg. Each crease is positioned in the front and easy to see, and it runs the whole length of the leg. Also, the bottoms of your pant legs will look stylish if they’re slightly uneven. That is, their backs should be a tiny bit longer than their fronts, perhaps by half an inch.

It’s great to have a fly that’s sewn by hand. And, if you like wearing belts, ask for belt loops. If you won’t be wearing belts with your pants, be sure to request no loops.

Another important decision is whether you want a half break, full break or no break. Breaks determine the extent to which your pants and shoes touch one another. If you don’t know the difference between them, try on pairs of pants with different breaks. Most guys choose a moderate break. They want their pant legs and shoes to touch, but not to have too much of an intersection.

In addition, for the sake of quality and durability, try to avoid synthetic fibers. Silk, wool and cotton are a few outstanding selections. Keep the weather in mind, too. If you live in a temperate area, own at least a few pairs of dress pants that are made from heavy material. They’ll keep you warm on frigid days. You can also talk to your tailor about fabrics that resist wrinkling and are easy to clean. And, of course, breathable clothes offer relief throughout the workday.

You also have to choose between pleats and no pleats, and you’d probably do well to have no pleats. They often lead to excessive sagging in the seat.

Inspection Time

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As a final piece of advice, take your time to examine your custom dress pants at the shop when you pick them up. Bring along a clothing expert you know, someone who can probe the seams and linings for you. Verify that the legs aren’t too high or long and that no part is too tight or loose. Did you receive every special feature you wanted? If you’re unsatisfied with something, even a tiny detail, don’t be shy about asking for an alteration.

Custom pants should be worth your investment. If those pants are just as you imagined them, you will really look forward to strutting your stuff.

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