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Alex Crawford is a master photographer and Art Director for Articles of Style (formerly known as TSBMen and The Style Blogger).

I’ve admired Alex’s work and style for a long time, so I was thrilled when he accepted my invitation to be featured here on The Modest Man.


Alex Crawford Interview

Alex graciously took the time to answer a few questions about his life, his photography trade, his height and, of course, his style.

Brock: How would you describe your style in three words?

Alex: American, comfortable, evolving.

What’s up with the hats and western influence?

I’m heavily influenced by geographical location. Texas, where I grew up, Nashville, where I went to college, New York where I went to grad school, and finally LA where I live now.

The hats started as a necessity. I was never a hat guy until I started growing out my hair and went through a few awkward stages. Then once I began wearing them I got really into it.


Alex Crawford style

I raided my dad’s closet of vintage cowboy hats and the rest of the western influence came along with it.

If you had a “uniform” for daily wear, what would it consist of?

Right now it would consist of a lot of black. Probably black jeans, either Birkenstock sandals or my black Blundstones, a black crew neck pocket T (or maybe a colorful Hawaiian shirt), and a grey or black chore coat.

Your style (and hair) has really evolved over the past few years. How intentional is that? Is it a result of being part of Articles of Style?

My style is constantly evolving. I’m never totally satisfied with the state of my closet and I’m always trying new things.

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I’ve been like that for as long as I can remember and I think it’s way more of a curse than a blessing. I envy guys who find their style and stick with it for decades.


Since I began working with Dan at AoS a few years ago, my style has changed a lot. I can’t even really categorize it, but I’ll try.

It started as sort of trad/prep but with a mix of Nashville, then I moved more back to my Texas roots and went a little Western with it.

Now I’m being influenced by the West Coast and surf culture and it’s left me in a minimal, countercultural, hippie-who-wears-a-lot-of-black situation.

Does your passion and knack for photography influence your style (or vice versa)?

Certainly. I subscribe to most major fashion and style magazines more to look at the photography and see who’s shooting for whom than for the style advice.

It’s impossible to not be influenced by them.

Anyone who knows anything about AoS knows that fit is paramount. Do you struggle with finding clothes that fit?

Oh yeah. On top of being a short guy I have pretty severe scoliosis which gives me a very short torso.

Alex Crawford urban cowboy

If a shirt isn’t custom made for me I almost always have to get it hemmed. Same with most pants. Very few things fit me off the rack.


Where do you shop?

Uniqlo used to be my go to spot. Then Dan started researching fast fashion for an article he wrote called The True Cost of Cheap Clothing and it’s changed the way I shop.

Now I try to buy vintage and used as much as I can. And I buy more quality items and just shop less.


How often do you go the tailor?

At least once or twice a month. Basically whenever I buy new clothes.

What’s the most common alteration you get?

Shirt and pant hems.


Q&A: Height
Brock: Has your height every been a source of insecurity?

Alex: Sure, yeah I think it’s almost impossible to be a man under 5’9” and not be a little self-conscious about it, at least in America.

Our culture puts so much emphasis on body type for both men and women, and with men height is paramount. Of course, the truth is, all that really matters is your character.


Alex with Dan and Khaled

Dressing well is a great way to give a good first impression, but if at the end of the day you’re an asshole, it doesn’t matter how tall you are.

Does being a man of modest height make it hard to dress well?

The most important aspect to “dressing well” is fit. You can have the nicest clothes in the world but if they don’t fit correctly you will look like a schlub.


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