The Chest Day

You can’t really wear the same thing to leg day as you would to do arms or cardio. So Mainline Menswear have created this useful guide to provide you with the best athletic wear for each of your workouts.  Finding the best athletic wear tends to change quite a lot depending on your workout.

Athletic model

Chest Day

For chest workouts, the best option with athletic wear is a vest. A vest allows for easy arm movement, and will show off your chest, making you look bigger when lifting weights. Combine with shorts and trainers, and you’ll look stylish and also be able to get the most out of your workout.

This Nike logo vest is stylish and affordable, or if you want to show off a bit more of your chest, go for something like this low ribbed crew neckline vest from Religion.

Arms and Shoulders

For arms and shoulders, you want a vest again, as you’re going to be moving your arms around and a vest will not only ease movement, but will also be more breathable so you’re likely to be less sweaty than you would be in a long sleeved top or hoodie. Pair with track pants for comfort as you’re going to be sitting down for a lot of your work out. This means you won’t have to be in direct contact with the sweat patches the guy before has so kindly left on the bench for you.

These Lacoste jogging bottoms come with an elasticated waistband for comfort, and the black colour will allow you to pair them with almost any top. Or if you want to choose matching track pants and a track top for when you’re walking to and from the gym, go for something like
EA7 Emporio Armani tracksuit.  Athletic 5 Athletic 6

Back Day

Athletic wear for back day is all about being comfortable. You don’t have to put much effort into this outfit, so throw on some comfortable joggers and pair with a long sleeved t-shirt. When choosing your t-shirt, opt for white or black – colours which minimise sweat patches. This way you won’t be walking around with a sweaty target on your back after giving it your all in the gym.

Something like this Nike black t-shirt, also available in white is ideal, and will look stylish as well as being comfortable for your gym session.

Leg Day

For leg day you can cover up your top half with any old t-shirt or hoodie, it’s the legs that matter. For warmth, protection and comfort, we suggest wearing athletic leggings, with shorts over the top for modesty. These Adidas sports leggings are subtle, and allow you to move around with ease.

Athletic 1 Athletic 2


When you’re going cardio the most important thing is not to overheat. Leave the leggings, track tops and hoodies at home, and choose a comfortable t-shirt and some running shorts.

Your shorts need to be plenty of room for you to move around, and be breathable to stop your legs from getting too hot. These Converse sweat shorts are ventilated, to allow in extra air and stop you from getting too sweaty. Or for something simpler, these Nike logo sweat shorts with elasticated waistband and drawstring fastening are ideal for a jog around the seafront.

Additionally, some accessories which might help you along with your workout and add a bit of style to your athletic wear include fitness trackers, headphones and a phone armband. Check out our website for a wide range of athletic wear and accessories, to ensure your next workout is as successful as it can be!

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