Cheltenham Festival – Need to Know Facts

Summer may seem like a lifetime away, but with the strange weather patterns as of late it may well be sooner than we anticipate. With that in mind, it’s worth taking the initiative and sorting out some of the summer essentials to prepare yourself for when the sun finally makes its appearance.



Beginning with a summertime standard, vests are a necessity for men during the heat. In the season of suns out guns out, nobody wants a farmer’s tan – nor do you want to buy a tank top that turns into a training bra after a few washes. With these things in mind, below are a list of great vests that will provide you with all the summertime style you need to stay looking – and feeling – cool in the sun. This Superdry vest is a perfect option.



A vest without shorts is like a cake without frosting, and with so many great options here on Mainline Menswear we’d be fools to not help you complete the summertime look with some stylish beach shorts. Always on our lists when available, Adidas Originals are fantastic with these Superstar shorts being no exception. If the sportier short is not your style then perhaps these Hugo Boss black Killifish swim shorts will satisfy. A surprisingly smart design for shorts, they have the Hugo Boss branding in big letters down one of the legs and are available in both black and navy. If you’re planning on taking a dip, then these shorts are what you’re looking for to ensure you stay looking suave in the sea!

Flip Flops


Last on the summer agenda clothing wise is flip flops. Now, we know not every man is a fan of sandals or flip flops, but in the summertime when it’s 32 degrees and the weather permits, you’ll want to dress as casually as possible to ensure you keep your cool in the heat. Staying true to top quality fashion, our favourites are the Armani jeans flip flops in black and Lacoste’s own in white or brown. Regardless of the ones you choose, you can’t go wrong with the open toed simplicity of some flip flops in the sand!



Sun cream? Check. Water bottle? Check. Towel? Check. Whether it’s for a day out at the beach or a fun filled festival weekend, you’re gonna need certain essentials. With that in mind, a bag to carry all of your summer staples is an absolute necessity. A bag doesn’t have to be a hindrance – it can add valid points to your style. One such stylish option, Hugo Boss offers a great quality navy shoulder bag with a contrasting grey marl jersey panel on the front. It also has a thick, durable shoulder strap just incase your belongings are on the heavier side. Alternatively, you can get this Adidas Originals festival bag, Adidas being hugely popular for festival situations and other livelier atmospheres.

Visit Mainline Menswear today and grab yourself some great offers in preparation for the months of fun festival frolicing just around the corner!

Written by Aaron Thompson

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