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According to some expert, they says we can understand someone through the first impression in just few second, that is to say, both your clothes and your behavior are important. As for man, there is nothing better than wear a suit. Canali suits is your first choice.


The History of Canali Suits

Canali was founded in Italy as a family-run business in 1934, and the men’s suit market welcomed them immediately from the beginning. When you think of Canali, you have to think of the history of clothing and realize that the modern lounge attire that we know today originally became popular in the early to mid 1930s. That clean, well put together, but not over the top look is what Canali is still known for today.
In the 1950s, Canali was taken over by the second wave of family ownership, and the brand spread outside of Italy. By the 1970s, they had implemented very strict manufacturing controls to make sure that all Canali suits would be of the highest quality, whether or not they were on the racks in Italy, England, the United States or one of their other growing markets around the world.
Between the 1970s and today, Canali expanded its reach, putting garments in Russia, China and even the Middle East, all with considerable success. While fashions might have changed a bit since Canali suits began in 1934, their unwavering popularity and fervent, loyal followers are still there.


Canali = Quality

Canali suits have always been known for their high quality, and that was always one of the aims of the initial founders all the way back in 1934. That’s why Canali still manufactures all of their suits in Italy and employs only the best tailors and suit makers to work under the brand’s umbrella. In fact, Canali produces all of its suits within Canali-owned facilities to make sure that every garment that bears their name is of the best quality.
Along with hiring tailors and craftsmen that understand what a high quality suit really is, Canali also uses some of the best materials that can be found in the world, from the outer material of a jacket or pair of pants down to the lining on the inside and the buttons on the front.
When you put all of these elements together, you get a suit that truly is a special one.

What’s the Canali style?

Canali suits tend to be properly structured and designed to be classically Italian in their look and feel. For men that aren’t too familiar with suits and suit trends, this means that Canali suits are going to have classic appeal with a few modern amendments for the modern man.
Simply put, any guy can wear a Canali suit and feel like he’s got the right look. You can wear Canali to work or simply out to dinner with the guys. Canali styling is classic and refined without being stuffy.
Canali suits also come in a range of fabrics and materials that are perfect for winter, summer or year-round wear. Whatever fabric or pattern you prefer, you can likely find it within the Canali brand, with a little help from a skilled tailor, of course.

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Get the Canali Fit

Canali suits tend to have a somewhat traditional fit compared to many of the slim fit suits that men are finding on the racks these days. However, that doesn’t mean Canali suits are just for the older crowd. Canali suits don’t exactly fall into the traditional category either, since that often means full-fitting and much looser around the body.
What Canali makes is more closely related to a classic Italian style. It fits somewhat close to the body without being so snug that you feel like you’re being squeezed to death by your suit! What you get with Canali is a suit that provides a proper fit without being too slim or too loose in the body.
While tailoring any Canali suit to your needs is an option, you can buy Canali in pretty much any cut that you want these days, since the brand is committed to giving men the look that they want. Canali also offers made to measure suits that can fit your needs specifically.


A Canali suit can range in price from $1,200 to $3,500 and up, depending on the materials and options that you pick for your individual garments. When you consider the incredible quality that you’re getting, and that you’ll have a suit you can wear for a lifetime, that price range starts to seem like quite a bargain.
Is a Canali suit worth it? When investing in a high-quality suit for you’re wardrobe, they are without a doubt worth every penny.

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