Canali Suits Spotlight: A Tailor’s Review

Italy has given the world many gifts, from the violin to gelato. Canali suits rank high among those treasures.

Italy has long been famous for fashion. Throughout much of the 20th century, people across the globe fell in love with the Italian clothing they saw in Italian movies. The nation’s clothes can be decadent, and they’re often constructed very well, highlighting the wearer’s favorite features.

In a sense, Canali and modern Italian fashion grew up together. Indeed, Canali exemplifies the best traditions of Italian style. These suits are equally fitting for social and corporate occasions, and they’re highly customizable. On top of that, you’re bound to feel a certain pride whenever you’re wearing one of these international sensations.

The History of Canali Suits

The Canali brand originated in 1934. That year, Giovanni and Giacomo Canali, brothers from Triuggio, Brianza, opened a small tailoring shop that was powered by a strong dream: to make the best clothing they possibly could. They worked hard to make that vision a reality, laboring six days a week. Throughout the Brianza region, the Canalis’ store earned a reputation for excellence.

Other members of the Canali family took over the business during the 1950s. Slowly and steadily, they started to expand the organization and sell suits outside of Italy.

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Since the 1970s, every Canali product has been made according to a rigorous code of standards. During that time period, Canali introduced machines to its manufacturing facilities that improved the quality of their clothing. Today, Canali’s computerized machines can cut fabric at high rates of speed and incredible rates of accuracy. Even so, most parts of these suits are still made by hand, and the company has hundreds of tailors among its staff.

Today, the family-operated company puts out men’s accessories, jewelry and other fashion items in addition to suits. In fact, eight people of the Canali lineage work for the company today, continuing the tradition of beautifully-made Italian clothing.

Canali = Quality

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Canali owns and manages all seven of its factories, which enables the company to oversee every step of the manufacturing process.

In the fabled Canali complex, craftspeople shape suits by making frames from the hair of camels and horses, and tailors lovingly create jackets and trousers in special areas. For many real fashion fans, touring these buildings would be a dream come true.

Moreover, every aspect of these suits, right down to the buttons, is of the finest quality, and the materials that Canali uses include superior wools and cashmere. Staff members carefully examine all of the fabric that the company has in storage to avoid the use of defective cloth.

In all that it does, the company caters to men who really know the difference between top-of-the-line clothing and somewhat inferior merchandise. For that reason, Canali has never put out a diffusion line, which is a secondary brand of less expensive clothing for people with less discriminating tastes.

What’s the Canali Style?

Canali suits boast a classic look and structure. They’re conservative enough for even the most traditional dressers, yet they have refinements that make them appear sleek and current. These suits are appropriate to wear throughout the year, too.

Many of these suits have fetching patterns. Some of them are micropatterns, which are very subtle, and others are colorful and very noticeable ― the plaids, for example.

Get the Canali Fit

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Canali suits aren’t as loose as many old-fashioned suits. At the same time, they’re not as slim as many newer suits, which probably makes them a good investment. You’ll still be able to wear them even if slim suits go out of style in a few years.

These suits are truly comfortable. They won’t squeeze you, yet they’ll stay fairly close to your body, thus they won’t seem baggy or boxy.

You can always have a tailor adjust the way your suit fits. Canali also creates made-to-measure suits that will feel extra special and appear even more elegant.


Starting prices for a suit from Canali can be about $1,200, and some of its offerings cost more than $3,500. As with any suit, the fabrics and the other elements that you select will influence the price. Keep in mind that these suits may last your entire lifetime. For the high quality and the superior look and feel, a Canali suit always represents a good deal.

In the end, every Canali suit is a one-of-a-kind artifact and an ageless masterpiece.

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