Billionaire and Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Wears Iron Man Shirt, Doesn’t GAF

Cuban was on the show to talk about how elections impact his business decisions, but all we could focus on was the faded, shamrock-green Iron Man shirt. Other than at Comic Con maybe, this is not what you would label “dress to impress.” Which is why it’s so awesome. Dude is worth $3.3 billion; guaranteed he does not care what you or I think.

Generally this sort of DGAF-wear is the provenance of burnouts and computer programmers. But Cuban is a public figure in the world of business. And on a business TV show! But he doesn’t go for low-key DGAF-wear like Zuckerberg and his grey hoodies. He goes for a vintage-y tee, one that looks stolen right off the back of a teenager working at a comic book store. Baller move, Mark Cuban. Baller move.

Oh, by the way: He’s done this before. Here he is at a Clinton campaign rally this July:

“I got this.” Baller.

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