Big bang music review in 2017

Big bang music

Agile fans, or price they affectionately called, more terrible inevitability has finally come. The members of the super-popular Korean pop quintet will gradually force the conscription, forcing the group to interrupt.

In this regard, (style) – an album that took more than a year to be released in full – can be seen as a five-man costume of the Swan Song. And boy, and know how to go “bang” a bang.

Despite its postponement of the release, the 11-track album was released before the 10 songs as single single since mid-2015. Promotion of mobile unfortunately, may make the entire album obsolete.

But that does not discount the fact that it is still a very cohesive and intense album. The opener mixes up this set of perfect tones to be one of BigBang-est songs. Eccentric medium-speed hip-hop figures highlight the boy’s lively image and eclectic art.

Fxxk It doesn’t quite have the one-two punch quality of classics such as Fantastic Baby or Haru Haru, but it’s a futuristic top-notched addition that wows through the overwhelming sonic elements in the track (listen out for the amalgamation of tropical beats, horns and synths).

Big bang music
As well as the final dance, a sentimental rock folk, status will further consolidate the boy’s fans. But the following girlfriend failed to achieve the grand ambitions of the first two tracks. True blue fans may appreciate the hip-hop retro group’s earlier efforts, but today compared to the more modern versions.

Elsewhere, switch-style explosions, cool and we like the 2-party expansion is ironic that the record of the mood of the celebration is fantastic. Ultimately, the more people who cause the numbers (not to fall in love, if you), remind the audience of South Korean pop music’s wonderful musical genius will escape them in the next few years.

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