Best Men Suit Recommended for Fall : Canali, Brioni, Coppley, Hickey Freeman, More!

Listed below are the best suit brand for Fall.


Canali makes suits that are fully canvased and unfused. Their attention to detail sets them apart from many suit makers, even some of the best suit brands that you’ll find in department and menswear stores. The company is also known for utilizing natural fibers, which can make finding the perfect blend of materials for the fall season much easier.

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For example, natural tropical wool suits can help keep you warm as the weather starts to cool down without making you sweat through your clothes on days when the mercury still reaches 85. You might even be able to leave your jacket on through lunch in the beginning of fall.

Best of all, Canali makes suits that are timeless in terms of style and being built to last for many years. That combination makes Canali suits ideal for men who want a suit they can wear regularly and even men who are just starting to build a collection for work.


More commonly known as the suit maker for James Bond in many different incarnations, Brioni is a top-of-the-line brand that commands respect. If you’re looking for a serious suit – with a relatively serious price tag, of course – you don’t need to look much further than Brioni.

Designed to be somewhat timeless while tipping their hat to more modern slim suits as well, Brioni makes solid patterned suits that are perfect for the fall season. With a variety of wool blends and cotton blends, adding Brioni to your suit collection makes sense if you’ve already got the basics covered. If you’re just starting to build your wardrobe, Brioni is undeniably one of the best suit brands to own, especially in the fall.

Guys who are looking to add one great suit to their collection should consider a Brioni suit in a classic color that can work through many different occasions like navy blue, gray or charcoal.


Crafted in Canada, Coppley is known as one of the best suit brands in the world for guys who want a quality suit for less than the down payment on their house. For the fall months, Coppley suits are available in a variety of styles and fabrics that are perfect to get your wardrobe right.

While Coppley suits are crafted from different materials, you can’t do much better than their heavier wool options in the fall. You may not necessarily be able to wear this in September but by the time December comes around, you’ll be welcoming the extra weight.

Textured wool is an ideal choice for many men, and whether you have a bunch of suits in you collection or not, you can’t go wrong with a version that offers a little bit of visual interest.

Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman might be known as one of the best suit brands for men looking to buy suits that are just a little bit wild, but they still fit the bill when it comes to the classic tradition of American suiting. That doesn’t mean Hickey Freeman isn’t one of the best suit brands for men looking for fall suits as well.

The best option when it comes to Hickey Freeman for most guys is to go with a moderately lightweight mixed blend that’s perfect for the early fall and ultimately, those days when it happens to be 80 right around Christmas. Stripes and fun patterns are also a big part of the Hickey Freeman repertoire, so take advantage of their unique styling and add something interesting to your wardrobe.

If you need a suit that you can get a lot of mileage out of, go for something like a blue stripe so you can wear it in the fall and spring.

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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is already well-known as one of the best suit brands for men that you’re going to find anywhere on the planet. Whatever your personal sense of style may be, they there are a ton of choices available under this label.

For most men, buying Hugo Boss is an ideal way to get a well-crafted suit that can be worn regularly. While their styles may not stand out quite like Hickey Freeman, their suits are perfect for almost any occasion.

When shopping for Hugo Boss suits, consider a wool blend in a solid color that can be worn pretty much all year round. If you want something that’s perfect for the end of spring and the beginning of fall, the darker shades of high blue offered by Hugo Boss are perfect.

John Varvatos

John Varvatos makes contemporary suits using rock and roll musicians in their advertisements. If you’re the type of guy who likes to wear a pair of cowboy boots with a suit, this is definitely one of the best suit brands for you. However, guys who want to buy a basic suit with a modern fit can also opt for John Varvatos too.

Men looking at John Varvatos suits should take advantage of their sleek styling and pick a color that can be worn throughout most of the year. Charcoal, shark skin, navy blue and black are all excellent choices.

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John Varvatos doesn’t do much in terms of patterns and stripes, but if you want a solid with a lot of modern flavor to update your wardrobe, you can’t do any better than John Varvatos without spending a small fortune.

Ted Baker

Like John Varvatos, Ted Baker makes more modern suits with a fitted feeling that younger men tend to prefer. Unlike John Varvatos, the styling on Ted Baker suits is decidedly more English and decorative in many cases.

If you’re looking for a suit that’s made with a stripe, plaid or even a jacket with a satin lapel, Ted Baker is an excellent option. Their clothing is well-made and designed with high-style in mind, but even men just getting started in the world of suiting can afford their garments.

Ted Baker also makes suits in many different materials ranging from wool blends to heavy wool materials that are ideal for the fall and winter months. That makes them one of the best suit brands and best buys that men looking for quality suits can find.

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