Best Custom Made Suits: Brands, Reviews Cost

When it comes to buying a suit, two of the first considerations you’ll be faced with is figuring out which brand of suit you want to buy and how much you want to spend.

Every single fashion brand out there has its own signature style and price point. Before you start your search, figure out your style.

Do you favor traditional design? Would you not even blink if someone walked into a room wearing a modern-fit pale salmon-colored suit? Do you like roomy suits that flow with your movements or do you prefer those that hug your body? Can you (and/or will you) wear an off-the-rack suit that needs minor alterations or will you only go with custom made suits?

If you’re unclear as to where you should even begin to look, use the info below as a starting point.


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Italian luxury brand Brioni has been dressing James Bond (both the Pierce Brosnan and the Daniel Craig versions) and the rest of the world’s A-list for years.

The company offers both custom-made suits and off-the-rack suits, but let’s make one thing clear – you’re not going to find any of its off-the-rack options at your local JC Penney.

Brioni suits lead the pack when it comes to off-the-rack suits and it’s the go-to choice of captains of industry and A-list celebrities when it comes to custom made suits.

The company is owned by Kering, the French company that has a pretty extensive portfolio of luxury brands, including Bottega, Veneta, Gucci, Stella McCartney…you get the point.

The suits are expensive because of the amount of effort and time that goes into making each one. Every single suit is made by hand using exquisite fabrics like super 180+ wools, precision workmanship and top-notch weaves.

When you mention the Brioni name, people immediately think of luxury, power and opulence. The price point for even the least expensive suit starts at a minimum of $5,000 and shoots up to $15,000 or more.

You know the phrase, “Dress for the job you want?” Men sitting at the top of the company hierarchy own several Brioni suits, while men who plan on moving up in their companies will eventually invest in at least one Brioni suit.

Brioni suits would fit in perfectly in companies like ad agencies, hedge funds and investment banks and anywhere else a man wants to make the absolute best impression.


When men who can choose any suit in the universe choose Canali over and over again – and we’re talking men like Michael Douglas and George Clooney – you know that the brand must be something special.

This Italian menswear company has been creating beautiful threads since the 1930s, pushing the philosophy that luxury, style and perfect craftsmanship go hand in hand.

All Canali suits are fully canvassed, meaning that the canvas that gives the jacket its structure and shape go all the way down to the bottom instead of stopping mid-way through like it would in a cheaper suit.

If you choose to get custom made suits, your choices are endless. You’ll be choosing from some of the finest fabrics in the world, ranging from baby cashmere chinchilla wool to super 200 wools.

Men love and respect the Canali brand, with many of them realizing that buying a Canali suit will help them get to the next rung on the corporate ladder or impress the people they want to impress.

Canali men run the gamut, from the MBA grad who’s landed his first gig at Goldman Sachs to the father hosting his only daughter’s dream wedding.

Circolo 1901

Entrepreneur and fashion expert Gennaro Dargenio, who hails from the Italian city of Barletta, founded the distinguished company Circolo 1901. It’s based in Apulia, a region in southern Italy, and these days, its clothing is sold in 17 countries. It’s a good company to buy from if you’re looking for trousers or a jacket to complete a slightly informal suit. Pants typically cost about $100 to $160, and jackets are often priced between $100 and $400.

Circolo 1901 clothing is uncommonly soft and comfortable. For instance, when you slip on one of its cotton and jersey jackets, you may feel like you’re wrapped in a snug blanket. You can also wear these suits for long stretches of time as they hardly wrinkle. With its understated patterns and sophisticated fits, Circolo 1901 definitely deserves your attention.


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The Canadian menswear company Coppley offers distinguished and classic, yet fashion-forward off-the-rack and made-to-measure clothes for men who want stylish, exquisite suits delivered quickly and at a relatively affordable price.

Coppley made-to-measure suits are fully customizable, from silk linings to lapel size, and they can be delivered to the customer in as little as seven days.

Many men love the classic styling of the Coppley brand. Many of them are amazed that they’re able to own gorgeous custom made suits crafted from quality fabrics for around $1,000.

Coppley suits are perfect for the man who’s looking for an exquisitely styled suit that can work anywhere from the boardroom to the reception hall.

Hickey Freeman

American menswear company Hickey Freeman offers tasteful, quality suits that look good wherever they’re worn.

The company has undergone a change in management in recent years, but those changes have resulted in a fashion house that has a renewed commitment to delivering quality fabrics like top-of-the-line herringbone wool and cashmere as well as exquisite, top-of-the-line workmanship.

The firm offers several different lines and collections, including the stylish traveler line that’s been crafted from superfine Italian wools and the Tasmanian collection featuring stunning suits made from Super 150s wool.

Men are really excited about the renewed energy and style that’s been brought to the brand and they love the different lines offered. The Hickey Freeman man is someone who loves classic styling and detailing but who also isn’t afraid to sometimes step out of the box pattern and color wise.

Hickey Freeman suits are perfect for the guy who wants to stand out in a good way on the office boat cruise or for the groom who wants to shine at his summer wedding.

Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss may have premiered in 1924, but its products have a very contemporary look and feel. This brand is based in Metzingen, Germany, and it now has clothing lines for women and children. Nevertheless, it’s probably most famous for its menswear. In particular, Hugo Boss is acclaimed for the sleek simplicity of its suit designs.

This company represents one-stop shopping for formal attire. It manufactures first-rate tuxedos and suits that you can be proud to wear. It also makes custom made suits that are just right for outdoor events, as well as suits that feature opulent fabrics like silk.

In February 2017, Hugo Boss unveiled a collection of suits that were inspired by nautical fashions. They’re especially intended for travelers ― resilient enough for adventures on the road but chic enough for the most romantic of venues abroad.

A Hugo Boss suit generally falls in the $700 to $1200 range.

Jack Victor

In 1913, Jack Victor founded Jack Victor Limited in Montreal. In the late 1950s, his son Herschel assumed leadership of the brand. Today, Herschel’s son Alan runs the company. Over the course of more than a century, these three men and their teams of tailors and artisans have given the public exceptional off-the-rack and custom made suits. In fact, the making of every Jack Victor suit involves an astounding 300 steps. You can expect to pay $900 to $1100 or more for one of these suits.

The cuts and patterns of these clothes are dashing; they combine intricate designs, reminiscent of past decades mingling with present-day style. The materials that the company uses to create these fine suits come from elite Italian mills. Horsehair frames hold these suits together, and the seams and linings are flawless.

Peter Millar

Peter Millar is one of the youngest brands on this list. It’s only been in business since 2001. Nevertheless, this North Carolina fashion label, which is a division of the Swiss company Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, has built a sterling reputation in that relatively short period of time.

Versatile suits are a hallmark of Peter Millar. The company makes suits that can keep you cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold out. Each suit is appropriate for any event, professional or social, that you might be attending. That’s because they’re not too hip and not too old-fashioned. They meet somewhere in the middle, and as a result, they’re classy in an ageless way. Not to mention, the materials and details of Peter Millar suits are exceptionally fine. Items in their clothing line frequently cost $900 and up.


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Since the 1950s, the Ravazzolo brand has been dressing men in luxurious, exquisite menswear. Like fellow Italian brand Brioni, Ravazzolo suits have that quintessential modern “Roman” style.

Whether you order the brand’s custom-made suits or choose to go the ready-to-wear route, you’ll end up with a true work of art.

Ravazzolo suits can be pricey, with the ready-to-wear creations going for over $2,000 including alterations, while the made-to-measure options can cost as much as $4,000.

Men love the classic Italian vibe of Ravazzolo suits. They’re perfect for men who love the look of Brioni but are looking to spend somewhat less. Ravazzolo suits can be worn by happy grooms saying, “I do!” to top lawyers saying, “We sue!”

Ted Baker

In 1987, Ray Kelvin opened Ted Baker, a menswear company, in Glasgow. His superlative clothes quickly gained widespread attention, and many customers became smitten with this label. It may have helped that Ted Baker made consumers a unique offer in its early days. When someone purchased a shirt from one of its shops, the company would clean that person’s shirt for free.

Over the years, word of mouth and customer satisfaction have been crucial to Ted Baker. In fact, it sells its products all over the world even though it’s never paid for traditional advertising methods. Almost every other global fashion company has relied on professional ads to some degree.

These suits, which you may see priced between $600 and $800, are made with many unexpected extras. For instance, do you ever worry that your pocket square will fall out at some point during an evening? Well, Ted Baker offers pocket squares that are sewn into place. Plus, the slim cuts and appealing patterns ― houndstooth is a favorite ― are sure to draw compliments everywhere you go.

With all of these menswear options, it can be hard to know where to start. Your best bet might be to schedule a few visits to a store you like. Take plenty of time to try on samples. Get a feel for each brand’s fit, and see how various colors and cuts look on you. Viewing photos of suits is much different from viewing them in person.

You might find yourself unable to choose between labels you love. In that case, you could always opt to fill your closet with a bunch of spectacular custom made suits.

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