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When you were young, did you have a relative who always sent you big birthday or holiday care packages? If so, they probably made you feel special and loved.

Bespoke Post, one of many online subscription clothing services, is pretty much the adult version of those care packages. This popular stay-at-home fashion shop will mail sumptuous parcels stuffed with tons of lifestyle products for men.

Here’s What You Get

Once you’ve signed up for Bespoke Post, you’ll receive one or more packages per month. Each of them is called a Box of Awesome. Inside, you’ll find tons of high-end goods that all relate to a certain theme.

They might include socks, glassware, underwear, premium coffee grounds, shaving supplies, travel kits or office equipment – just to name a few examples.

Bespoke Post will email you on the first day of every month, detailing the contents of the next box. If you’re not especially interested in a particular package, you can log in to your Bespoke Post account and decline it. You can turn down as many boxes as you’d like.

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For subscribers, each box costs $45. If you’d like to order a Bespoke Post box without subscribing, you can do so at a price of $55. You can receive these packages if you live anywhere in the United States or Canada, or if you have a military address in another nation. People who reside in Canada, Hawaii or Alaska, however, must pay $10 per box to cover shipping expenses.

A great feature of Bespoke Post is their leniency – cancel anytime with a simple email. Also, you’re only charged for the boxes that are delivered to you, not for those you decline. If you forget to reject a package by the deadline (the fifth day of each month), you can email the company, which will hold your shipment if possible. If it’s too late to hold the shipment, Bespoke Post will supply you with a label so that you can return the box in the mail.

When you send a box back, you must return everything that came in the box originally. For your rebate, you can accept either account credit or a credit card refund. The credit card refund will only amount to $39, though, since a shipping fee will be deducted.

In addition, when you head to the Bespoke Post website, you can read descriptions of old Boxes of Awesome and order any that are still in stock. That’s true even if you’re not a member.

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Thinking Outside the Box: Is Bespoke Post Worth the Cost?

The reviews, as they say, are in for Bespoke Post. And, judging by online customer critiques, the majority of subscribers are extremely pleased with this company and its offerings. Consumers routinely praise it for its appealing products, clever combinations and consistency of quality.

Bespoke Post represents a convenient way to purchase products and discover new brands and style trends. Plus, this service is just plain fun; it’ll probably give you a feeling of being pampered. After all, every item in every package is selected to complement everything else; there’s real care in the curation.

There is great value to be enjoyed here as well. In general, the boxes contain products that, when sold separately, would cost significantly more than $45 ― perhaps about twice as much.

You might even be able to use the handsome box that these goods come in. It features handles that are made of suede, and it’s relatively tough and durable. Not to mention, if you’re carrying one of these boxes and run into another Bespoke Post customer, the two of you may strike up a conversation.

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If you’re familiar with men’s subscription services, you’ve probably heard of Trunk Club and Five Four Club, two marketplace leaders. What’s more, you might be wondering at this point how Bespoke Post compares to those services.

For starters, these brands aren’t directly comparable because Trunk Club and Five Four Club only send articles of clothing, whereas Bespoke Post ships an array of items.

Beyond that primary difference, there are other variations. For instance, Trunk Club and Five Four Club will personalize the clothes they send you according to your stated style preferences. Bespoke Post supplies everyone with the same things.

Further, Trunk Club is a little more flexible in that you don’t have to keep or reject an entire box. Instead, you can go through the clothes, purchase those that you want to keep and return those that you don’t.

Trunk Club is the most expensive among this group. Five Four Club, like Bespoke Post, is more of a bargain, and it would cost you $60 per month. If you were to purchase separately the items of apparel in each of its packages, your total would likely be around 40 to 75 percent more.

The basic premise, however, is the same for all three services: no membership fee and an abundance of high-quality products. In the end, for any guy who loves luxurious goods, loves saving money and loves old-fashioned surprises, it’s hard to beat Bespoke Post.

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