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We’ve stressed time and time again, one of the most important things about looking stylish in your clothes of choice is getting the right fit. Whether your clothes are too tight or too loose, both look as bad as one another. Too tight and it’ll seem you’ve just tried to squeeze into some hand-me-downs or are trying way too hard to show off your physique, whereas too loose and you’ll give the impression you have no idea how to dress yourself.

Knowing how to find the right fit – the perfect fit – it’s recommended you try before you by meaning try your shirt on and make sure they fit exactly how they should. So the question is, just how should a shirt fit?

Button Up Shirts

More important in regards to the fit, button-up shirts are primarily used for smarter occasions, so the way the shirt sits on your body is everything. A lot of shirts are sized by the collar which can be problematic if you have a thicker neck, because to find a shirt that fits your collar means the rest of the shirt will be hanging off your body. Slim fit are always the best option as they’re tighter around the waist providing a slimming look.

Slim fit are particularly better if you’re tucking the shirt in (which in professional settings we definitely recommend), as there’s a lot less shirt overhang. Obviously, the sure fire way to get a perfect fitting shirt is to get it tailored. This is the best option if you’re really expected to look smart for an important job interview or other special occasion.

T Shirts

Despite being a generally straightforward design, you’d be surprised at how the fits of t-shirts vary from brand to brand. Some people may have preferences depending on their style so if you’re a fan of the lounged, slouch look then an over-sized tee might be preferred, but in the case of looking and feeling smart, a t-shirt should fit as follows:

The arms should just cover the shoulders and fit snugly around the upper arm. The chest and upper back should feel fitted but not tight and the waist should be the loosest part of the shirt. Long sleeve tees should follow a similar fit to t-shirts.

Now you have the basic knowledge on how a shirt should fit, you’re all set to start browsing Mainline Menswear’s wide range of designer shirts and t shirts.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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