AW 2016 Best Shirts, Teach You How to Wear Them

Let’s get to know it.

However, at Mainline Menswear we think you can still look stylish, and keep yourself covered up as well. A shirt is the best option here. They come in so many different styles so you can find one to suit you, whatever your style. And the opportunities for how to wear a shirt are endless.

That’s why we’re going to give you our summary of the best shirts for AW 2016. Letting you know how to wear them, and how to impress the crowd with your new fashionable style. Shirt 1

The Style

When choosing a shirt for AW16, the first point of call should be the sleeve length. Naturally you want longer sleeves, to ensure you can keep warm. Remember, longer sleeves can always be rolled up during the strangely hot days we get in October; short sleeves can’t be pulled down!

Moving onto the fabric of the shirt, this depends what you want it for. If you’re finding a shirt for work, go for an Oxford shirt. The fabric is durable, and slightly heavier than normal work shirts, which means you’ll stay warmer. However, their design is still stylish and formal, so you won’t look out of place in the office.Shirt 2

If you want a shirt for casual wear, we suggest either flannel, corduroy or a fine wool. These fabrics are much less formal, but are also ideal for colder weather. The design on these shirts are often checked, but you can find plain colour shirt styles which tend to match better with the rest of your outfit.

If you’re wearing one of these fabrics though, be sure to match them with different materials. Especially corduroy, which can be very overpowering if your whole outfit is comprised of it. So pair a corduroy shirt with chinos, or denim jeans to create a more relaxed style.

If you want to find out more information about when to wear certain shirt fabrics, and how to find the right size and cut to suit you, visit this earlier blog post.

How to wear

If you’re someone who prefers the top button to be fastened, wearing your shirt with a fitted blazer will create a very stylish look. Choose a contrasting colour blazer with a single colour designed shirt. At work, you can obviously add a tie to avoid the empty look on your chest. But in a more casual situation accessorising with a watch could do the job of enhancing your outfit. Shirt 3

With the top button undone and sleeves rolled up a couple of times to just below the elbow, you create a very relaxed style perfect for the weekend. Add a zip up hoodie or jacket to generate layers within your outfit, and for extra warmth. This style is perfect for going out for drinks in the evening; it’ll keep you warmer than a t-shirt but still feel comfortable and look stylish.

Mainline Menswear Top Picks

From our shop, we have hundreds of shirt styles to choose from. You can find a shirt for any occasion, but we have shortlisted our top three AW16 shirts to help you out.

For work, try this Original Penguin Core Oxford style shirt, in navy. The dark colour is perfect to wear with a grey blazer, and the contrasting white buttons will draw in the eye. Made with 100% cotton this shirt will definitely keep you warm throughout AW16, and the slim fit will automatically provide shape and comfort.Shirt 4

A more casual design is this Luke 1977 All-Day-Every-Day checked shirt. Just as it says on the tin, this is a very versatile shirt, that can be worn in many occasions. We suggest pairing it with dark jeans and a bomber jacket, creating a smart casual look for an evening. The navy and red design is highlighted with faint yellow accenting, bringing colour to your outfit, but still in a subtle manner.

Finally, this Levi’s Corduroy shirt can be worn either to work or in a casual environment. The light brown wash cord fabric is both soft and insulating; perfect for AW16. The pointed collar looks good with both the top button fastened and unfastened, and two chest pockets provide detailing along with distressed metal button designs.

If you want a new shirt for autumn and winter, visit our website here. We stock a very extensive range as well as numerous other items you can style your outfit around. Our ‘new in this week’ section will continuously bring you the latest products, so keep watching for the newest offers and releases.

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