Adidas Is Rereleasing the Wildly Popular ‘OG’ NMD Sneaker

Adidas Is Rereleasing the Wildly Popular 'OG' NMD Sneaker

If you are concerned about the circle of sports shoes, you may have heard of passion in a pair of most of the black running shoes adidas that re-issued this weekend. “OG” NMD first listing at the end of 2015 with tons of publicity, now halfway back to 2017 in the first month. The brand is often popular classic color matching shoes worth noting is the air Jordan retro plan, but very few such things happen so fast, silhouette and NMD as young.

Adidas Is Rereleasing the Wildly Popular 'OG' NMD Sneaker

When the NMD was first established, it was indeed a mystery. Technically, it is not a running shoe. Yes, it’s inspired by adidas archived runners like Micro Pacer, Boston Super and Rising Star. Yes, it utilizes the only technology that increases the running of the Adidas Prime Minister. But the brand’s attitude is very firm: This is not a technical running shoes. Announced the launch of NMD in the global presence of the entire design team in New York, packed with media and influential people in Germany. Nobody really knew. But now, more than a year later, sports shoes have consolidated their own culture.

Since the first release, the NMD silhouette has been fully embraced by the sneaker community, selling out colorways almost every weekend. Adding fuel to the fire, Adidas has dropped no fewer than a half dozen very special releases in incredibly limited numbers that resell for neck-breaking amounts. The OG version, a black upper with blue and red plugs and a white outsole, resold for more than $1,000 at one point.that colorway is back and the excitement is back up again.


It is noteworthy that rumors since the second release began to cycle in September comeback, the secondary market prices of sports shoes has bottomed out. It is still valuable, but not in four digits. StockX, which has not yet worn a market, set sneakers to show consistent sales OG NMD of $ 1,200 until the second version of the rumor, a sharp drop in demand, making the resale price $ 600 a day. Now valued at about $ 400. This is still a huge leap for anyone who wants to make money quickly, but as the study of how the brand of sports shoes follow social forces continues to make new shoes based on current needs, how these demands change.

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