A$AP Bari on VLONE’s New Air Force 1 Collab with Nike


May be famous music, but the dollar Associated Press is a multifaceted force that extends to the world style like a studio. Example: Associated Press Bari Dollar, one of the founders of the group, Perfect Dollar Associated Rock and Thrombosis Edison Chen-the vigorous development behind the brain VLONE streetwear line. You are lucky if you are in the market for the highly popular clothing brand, all currently sold in the VLONE online store. But if you still want a slice of it, it’s time to get it this weekend.

This is because the brand with the iconic version of the Nike Air Force 1, on February 11 launch a pop-up Harlem’s experience. “I grew up in Harlem, that’s everyone is wearing,” Barry said. “Parents, grandparents-everybody.”

The sneaker comes in tumbled black leather with hits of bright orange throughout. It’s VLONE’s signature colorway, and with good reason. “Those are my superhero colors,” Bari explains. But aside from the striking colors, what really sets the low-tops off is the embroidery spanning the heels of both shoes.

“It says ‘Every living creative dies alone,'” Bari says. “I saw that in Donnie Darko, and it’s a phrase that just really touched me. It’s how I live my life. You come into this world alone, so why wouldn’t you die alone?”

Not exactly chipper, but whether or not you agree with the sentiment, it’s hard to argue with the legions of fans who will be fiending for the sneakers after their limited release at ComplexCon late last year.

Still, though there’s clearly an avid group of guys ready to scoop up pairs to add to their collections, Bari hopes that these shoes become something more than another piece on the shelf. When I ask him what he hopes for with this weekend’s release, his answer is as simple as it is ambitious: “Just for people to wear them, and to make a lifestyle of it.”

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