5300 Year Old Mummy Otzi Was a Leather Daddy, Proved by Scientists

Science proved that 5300 year old mummy Otzi was a leather daddy.

Fortunately for us, those scientists have finally hit on the one thing that truly matters: Otzi’s style.

Turns out our favorite human popsicle was quite the leather daddy. Leather coats, leather leggings, leather loincloths, even leather shoes and shoelaces. If he were alive today he surely would be a Gucci man.

And not only was he into leather, he was also a total menswear nerd. As Ron Pinhasi, the co-author of the research from the University of Dublin, told The Guardian, Otzi was “pretty picky” when it came to the skins he used. Cow leather for his shoelaces, goat leather for his leggings, and exotic bear leather for his hat. See? Gucci man.

He also had quite the wardrobe, and rotated in new pieces to replace the old. Mostly this was due to primitive leather making processes, which meant his clothes degraded quickly. As Niall O’Sullivan, another scientist studying Otzi told The Guardian, “he was probably constantly renewing the clothes and augmenting it so that bits didn’t fall apart.” But we think he just preferred to stay on trend. No judgment here.

The only question that remains is: How long will it take for our contemporary designers to follow in Otzi’s Copper Age footsteps? Who knows, maybe we’ve seen our first glimpse of Yeezy Season 5.

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