5 Tips for Buying Custom Suit Jackets in NJ

Here’s a question to ponder: Are both of your arms the exact same length?

Maybe you’ve never given this issue much thought. But, if you’re like most people, one of your arms is shorter than the other by a quarter of an inch or so. Given that measurements can vary so much from person to person, how could an off-the-rack suit jacket flatter your arms and torso to the greatest extent possible?

To look your absolute best, consider the wide range of custom suit jackets in NJ. When searching for the ideal fit, reference these key tips before putting down any cash.

1. Think Small

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When men buy suit custom suit jackets in NJ, they tend to focus on a few major things. They prioritize comfort, general style and they may have a certain price range in mind.

However, other elements of a jacket can be just as important. For one, how roomy and accessible are the pockets? Are they secure? After all, you might be keeping valuables in them. In fact, you might order special pockets just for tickets or coins.

Also, do you want padded shoulders for an even more imposing physique? Will you be able to open your cuffs and roll up your sleeves when you get hot?

In addition, you’ll want strong, high-quality buttons along with buttonholes that are just the right size. If those holes are too big or too small, your buttons won’t fasten tightly or will be more likely to fall off. What’s more, it’s worth paying attention to the total number of buttons. For instance, a jacket with one button can be easily unfastened before sitting down, but a double-breasted coat may require extra fidgeting.

Of course, with a custom jacket, you have complete control over all of these factors and many more besides.

2. Fabrics Make the Difference

Getting to choose your fabric is one of the most enticing aspects of tailored clothing. When it comes to jackets, thicker fabrics are appropriate if you often wear your suit outdoors. Material that’s lightweight and breathable, meanwhile, may be a godsend if you’ll have your jacket on for hours at a time.

The color of your fabric should be an ideal match for the rest of your suit and for your particular skin tone as well.

Plus, you should consider whether you want an exclusive cloth or something popular, like cotton or wool.

After reviewing your criteria, your tailor will identify the right kind of fabric for your wants and needs.

3. Consider the Occasion

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Where, when and how often are you going to wear your suit?

If you’ll bring it to the office, you’ll want lots of elbow space. That’s because you’ll frequently bend your arms to type, open drawers, talk on the phone and so on.

On the other hand, if you’ll wear your jacket to various social and professional events, your best bet is a dark color and a classic, conservative overall appearance. This type of jacket is highly versatile. Not to mention, what’s trendy these days — thin lapels, for instance — might look a little silly in years to come.

Of course, your tailor will have plenty more advice for pairing jackets and occasions.

4. Trust Your Tailor

When you feel free to confide in your tailor, you can reveal personal details that will affect your jacket’s usability. For instance, maybe you sweat profusely at times, or maybe you keep soggy handkerchiefs in your pockets due to allergies (trust me, not as rare as you think). In such cases, your tailor can make sure that your jacket resists moisture.

On the other hand, maybe you just have no clue about fashion. If so, your tailor can give you a crash course in men’s suits.

Without that level of trust, you might keep relevant but potentially embarrassing tidbits to yourself. As a result, your jacket wouldn’t be quite as beneficial as it could be.

Maybe you’ve been going to a certain tailor for a while, yet you lack a rapport with that person. For whatever reason, you just don’t feel at ease asking questions and making suggestions. Don’t be shy, then, about finding a new professional from whom to buy custom suit jackets in NJ.

5. Have Fun

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On top of trusting your tailor, the entire experience of getting custom suit jackets in NJ should be pleasant. Your clothing shop ought to be an appealing place, a calm and welcoming sanctuary. The sales representatives should be friendly and responsive, and you shouldn’t have to wait long for service. If you’re treated with respect and feel like a valued customer, you’re likely to make your best selections. You won’t be distracted or rush your decision-making process.

Wearing your jacket should be fun as well. Try to appreciate all of the details that you paid for. Maybe your tailor included a separate lining for the sleeves. Maybe the material is as smooth and as silky as a dream. Whatever it is about your suit jacket that you particularly like, take pride in it, and always wear it with the utmost confidence.

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