5 Playful Yoga Poses to Practice With a Partner

Yoga pose

In the modern consciousness, yoga is a particular practice exercise, this is an era of self reflection and introspection. So there is a can practice yoga together. Yet more get the welcome of a lot of people this way, you can be in with a partner to practice while learning yourself and your body. In addition, yoga practice with your partner with the additional benefits, established between you and your partner’s trust. Then, air (flight) need additional core strength and support the flyer (base) of the lower body strength. So grab a partner and get inspiration from the following 5 yoga pose.


Smile and enjoy the balance and strength of this powerful partner pose. HOW TO DO IT: The base starts out in goddess pose. Both knees are bent, and the feet are pointed out to either side in alignment with the knees. With a straight spine, strong core and low hips, the flyer will step up one foot at a time onto the upper thigh (foot is actually close to the hip crease of the base for the most stability) and do the same pose. Arms can be in any variation they prefer — prayer, extended prayer, mudras, etc.



This position need to spend much of your time and patience, because you may not find the right position, your back on the first try, your base must be stable in the whole time. But with some trial and error, you’ll be able to master this beautiful pose. HOW TO DO IT: The base starts out in downward-facing dog with palms flat, spine long and knees straight. Root down into the palms and heels for stability, preparing for the flyer. The flyer will stand with her back facing the base’s legs, straddle the base’s legs and backbend over the base so that the flyer’s lower back rests on the base’s butt. This pose requires some adjusting, so move around to find the best and most stable position. From there, the flyer grasps both ankles to complete the pose. Step down gently and gracefully.



By adding a binding, you double ship step. Like double ship, to strengthen the core partners posture is the great balance and flexibility, and add a bit of upper body strength. HOW TO DO IT: Start seated and facing your partner with knees bent. Lift your feet off the floor until your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Your palms should start behind you on the floor to stabilize as you connect the soles of your feet together. Using your core strength to keep your spine long and tailbone tilted so you have length from the sacrum, press your feet together and up to the sky until the legs are as straight as you can get them. To bind the hands, reach one hand out to clasp the wrist and hand of your partner, keep your heart lifted as you reach the other arm to clasp the other wrist and hand of your partner. Lift your heart and lengthen the spine and look straight at your partner or out to the side.


This is the best pose that strengthen your core and improve balance. HOW TO DO IT: Start seated facing each other with knees bent. Touching the soles of your feet together, place your hands behind you to stabilize and lift the legs toward the sky. Engage the core, lengthen the spine and lift the heart toward the sky. Keep your back straight and your core engaged the entire time. Hold for three to five breaths and release.



This position requires you to a lot of stamina, double table, this is a more challenging because you have to balance on one leg. HOW TO DO IT: Start in the same position as double table, the flyer balancing on the base’s shoulders and knees/lower thighs. At first, just the flyer should lift her leg, and if both feel secure and strong, the base can lift the leg on the same side. Hold for three to five breaths and switch sides. Dismount is the same as the basic double table.

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