43 Men’s Fashion Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

How would you like expert clothing suggestions and images of the latest trends at your fingertips all the time? By following these exciting men’s fashion Twitter accounts, you could have exactly that.

You’d also get a sneakpeek into the minds, offices and adventures of some of the world’s leading style influencers. Not to mention, you could enjoy a constant flow of witty remarks and sharp opinions, all rendered in 140 characters or less.

1. @Sartorialist

Scott Schuman is a photographer and blogger who’s especially interested in day-to-day fashion. Thus, his images are very accessible and his Twitter feed will give you great ideas for workplace attire and casual outfits.

2. @BryanBoy

A fashion authority from the Philippines who now lives in Sweden, Bryan Yambao is intimately familiar with the world’s most prestigious runways. He’s a strong advocate for daring styles and he’s pretty funny to boot.

3. @GearPatrol

Gear Patrol is one of the greatest men’s fashion Twitter accounts because it reveals fascinating ways in which style intersects with other lifestyle topics, including gadgets, diets, travel and hobbies.

4. @NickWooster

Nickelson Wooster, a designer who once worked for J.C. Penney, has a passion for authenticity. Fashion-wise and in every other way, he inspires his followers and everyone else to be fiercely true to themselves.

5. @FreshnessMag

If you’re looking for streetwear ideas, Freshness Mag is your destination. With a special emphasis on automobiles and sneakers, this account will help you look your finest the next time you take a stroll around the block.

6. @TimGunn

At 63-years old, this “Project Runway” star and self-pronounced “fashion therapist” is as smart and as tart as ever. Tim Gunn is a style specialist who never holds back.

7. @FashionBeans

Truly exceptional, the FashionBeans page is an extensive resource for tips about fitness, grooming and other topics in addition to fashion. This multi-platform style guide is based in London.

8. @ejSamson

E.J. Samson runs GQ’s digital operations. His Twitter page is as compelling and useful as the storied magazine and its photos are just as vibrant.

9. @DelToroShoes

Miami-based Del Toro Shoes produces high-end footwear and accessories for men and its Twitter account shows off those products gloriously.

10. @MenStyleFashion

It’s the official Twitter account of the lifestyle magazine of the same name. “We show you how” is Men Style Fashion’s motto. When it comes to virtually any fashion-related topic, from finding clothes on a budget to rocking denim in impressive ways, this page lives up to that slogan.

11. @BrucePask

Bruce Pask is Bergdorf Goodman’s Director of Fashion and his enthusiastic tweets will make you feel like his daily companion. As you read his tweets and see pictures from his journeys, you can soak in his style sagacity.

12. @Dappered

Dappered connects people to the best deals in the fashion world. Thus, its postings won’t just provide you with inspiration; they’re your wallet’s new best friend.

13. @PutThisOn

This Twitter page has a distinct point of view. It tries to teach each of its followers to “dress like a grown-up” and it favors timeless, even retro, looks.

14. @MrPorterLive

Mr Porter is a renowned apparel company and its Twitter account is packed with pointers from stylists across the globe, as well as breaking news about top labels.

15. @IAmAlphaM

The talented style consultant Aaron Marino runs this entertaining page, which supplies relationship guidance and all manner of fashion tips, including small but important details like how to keep your shirt tucked in all day.

16. @OpeningCeremony

Opening Ceremony, a widely respected apparel company founded in 2002, gives its Twitter followers pictures of elegant clothing and words of wisdom about life in general.

17. @PeterSom

Peter Som, New York fashion designer extraordinaire, displays wardrobe choices and works of art that electrify him. Be aware that there’s lots of political commentary on this page, which you may or may not appreciate.

18. @Matches_Man

To stay one step ahead of the fashion curve, follow this cutting-edge account. It’s one of two Twitter pages belonging to the luxury brand MatchesFashion.com; the other one focuses on women’s clothes.

19. @EnglishCut

English Cut is a Savile Row company that’s renowned for its bespoke suits. Scroll through these tweets and you’ll discover links to intriguing articles and many photographs of tailoring perfection.

20. @Burberry

Britain’s Burberry fashion house has been around for more than 160 years, but as it demonstrates on Twitter, it remains fresh and youthful. You’ll go behind the scenes and learn how Burberry designs clothes for a worldwide base of discerning customers.

21. @StyleGazer

On Twitter, British magazine editor and stylist Gareth Scourfield keeps people abreast of the collections that intrigue him, the designers who influence him and the celebrities who stun him.

22. @Bloomingdales

You’re probably familiar with Bloomingdale’s, The Store. However, if you’re not yet familiar with Bloomingdale’s, The Twitter Phenomenon, check out its images of chic people posing in studios, on bikes, beside swimming pools and in all kinds of other settings. You will feel the urge to go shopping immediately.

23. @ASOS_Menswear

Reading the Twitter account of ASOS, an Internet fashion company headquartered in the United Kingdom, is like taking an advanced course in style. It delves into the trends of different decades, the wardrobe secrets of various celebrities and many other topics besides.

24. @DerekBlasberg

A journalist and friend to countless famous folks, Derek Blasberg’s page is one of the industry’s best-loved men’s fashion Twitter accounts. It’s a feast of elegant clothing, sun-drenched landscapes, masterpieces of art and wry observations.

25. @BoyFromDagbon

Abdel Abdulai, who currently lives in London, is a photographer with a great talent for portraits and a keen eye for streetwear. His page is one of the must-follow men’s fashion Twitter accounts for its info on trends and links to fashion-related articles.

26. @MatthewZorpas

Since he launched the Gentleman Blogger website in 2012, Matthew Zorpas has been an in-demand writer and lecturer. By keeping tabs on his account, you can study his clothing preferences and soak in his effortless panache.

27. @Oliver_Cheshire

Oliver Cheshire has been modeling since he was a teenager and his industry expertise and busy social life make for an enthralling Twitter account.

28. @PermanentStyle

The website Permanent Style, which premiered in 2007 and focuses on luxurious apparel, garners hundreds of thousands of views monthly. Its Twitter page offers highlights from that site and one gorgeous photo after another.

29. @HighSnobiety

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a snob to enjoy the High Snobiety print magazine, blog or Twitter account. The latter provides a look at the most exciting developments in music, art and fashion, with a special and loving emphasis on sneakers.

30. @OrlebarBrown

Orlebar Brown is a British company that specializes in swimwear and summer attire. Its Twitter page will give you plenty of ideas as far as what to wear to your next pool party or beach bash. It’s also ideal anytime you want a quick mental vacation ― it’s full of photos and videos of stunning tropical locales.

31. @KyleEditor

Kyle Anderson of Marie Claire Magazine was born in Sweden, raised in Chicago and now resides in New York City. On Twitter, he melds American and European sensibilities to present an eclectic approach to fashion. Oh, and check out his hair!

32. @OliverProudlock

British reality TV star Oliver Proudlock has created his own fashion brand as well as a Twitter page that lets you follow him around. Whether he’s working out or getting ready to go to the dentist (seriously), he’s always as sharp as he could be.

33. @MaleStyle

Yesah is a small clothing company based in Knoxville, Tenn. It’s dedicated to ending child hunger and it routinely donates money to support that cause. Yesah’s Twitter account, meanwhile, shows off suits, watches, shoes and many other items in captivating close-ups.

34. @DapperDistress

Dapper Distress is an organization that promotes up-and-coming artists and fashion designers. As such, its Twitter account, which is aimed at both men and women, is a showcase of cutting-edge looks. Plus, it’s got loads of pictures of celebrities in action.

35. @OfficialFRE

The quirky British company FRE has sold custom footwear to stars like Rick Ross and Drake. When you look at the colorful sneakers, hoodies and other products it exhibits on Twitter, you’ll start dreaming of some customized items for yourself.

36. @DaytonAxe

Dayton Axe, yet another label that’s based in England, produces menswear and accessories and it runs a chic subscription service. Its enticing and wide-ranging tweets include images of streetwear, evening wear, deluxe jeans, sunglasses and Selena Gomez.

37. @MensFashion_Mx

Whether you’re fluent in Spanish or you rely on Google Translate, this page is a superior entry in men’s fashion Twitter accounts. This Mexican company shares vibrant photos that speak the universal language of sophistication and maybe you’ll picture yourself wearing one of its brilliant suits, bow ties or casual shirts.

38. @LorenzoLiverani

Lorenzo Liverani, who lives in Milan, believes in making your clothes work for you. He feels that people should choose materials and outfits that reflect their personalities, their very essences. In 2012, Lorenzo began the popular blog “Your Mirror Style,” in which he chronicles his enviable, continent-hopping travels. Appropriately, his Twitter page is a lavish resource, full of imaginative looks and adventure.

39. @StevenKolb

Steven Kolb oversees the Council of Fashion Designers of America, a major trade organization. His tweets display his bold wardrobe choices ― a pink shirt with pink socks is a fine example ― and show his celebrity friends at their snazziest.

40. @Matthew_Marden

Stylist Matthew Marden has held an array of positions in the fashion industry, including a stint as an editor at Condé Nast. He’s now Esquire’s style director and his tweets are a joyful celebration of the ensembles, style icons and shops that he loves. Matthew has a fondness for classic magazine covers as well.

41. @EJNY

A fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, Eric Jennings makes sure his Twitter followers are acquainted with the latest style developments. He regularly links to news stories on the topic. Additionally, he often posts about Saks’ highly desirable menswear.

42. @AskMen

AskMen.com bills itself as the “leading men’s lifestyle website,” and for sure, it’s packed with great advice on everything from grooming to relationships. Its Twitter page similarly tackles various subjects and it’s heavy on fashion tips, tricks and warnings.

43. @MenswearDeals

Ivan Antunes, a young entrepreneur from Rhode Island, founded the company Menswear Deals to alert people about clothing discounts. These tweets may save you plenty of money while also giving you some wardrobe inspiration.

The people who manage these men’s fashion Twitter accounts vary greatly in terms of age and experience, and they hail from places across the globe. What they have in common, though, is an unbridled passion for clothes and for helping others discern what to wear and what to avoid. With friends like these spread out across the Twitterverse, our closets can stay as fresh and as elegant as possible.

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