3-Season and 3-City Wardrobe Suggestion

Give your suggestion that 3 days wardrobe.

No. 1: Edit. What you leave behind is as critical as what you pack. Editing takes discipline, but it is good for you. You don’t need six ties for two meetings. Choose one. Check the weather on your phone. It’s snowing in New York, so there’s probably a heat wave in L. A. Don’t fall for that “It never rains in southern California” bull. What’s it going to be doing in three days’ time when you arrive from Dallas? Chucking it down, 48 degrees? Rubber-soled brown calf dress shoes can cope with rain and slick sidewalks. Wear them to travel. Pack a sweater instead.

No. 2: Multitask. Make sure that the things you pack can perform at least two functions—a dark navy suit coat pairs with jeans or gray pants as a blazer. Make sure your travel jacket works in a downpour as a rain jacket. (I suggest an M-65 with lots of pockets that’s long enough to cover your suit.) Plain gym shorts can double as swim shorts; sneakers (lightweight in mesh) should be fine for working out but are not so gym-specific that you can’t board a plane in them.

No. 3: Evolve. On your next trip, pay attention. Does your luggage work for you or against you? Make a note of anything you didn’t wear. Leave it behind next time. Hand luggage chock-full before you even start? Get a roomy tote (canvas weighs less than leather) that’s big enough to take overspill from a full suitcase. Is your wheelie one of those heavy older ones with a cumbersome built-in frame that takes up half the packing space? Ditch it in favor of the new generation of polycarbonate cases.


Shirt by Pal Zileri ($295). Tie by Brooks Brothers ($80). Suit by J. Crew ($700). Shoes by Tod’s ($645). Pants by Ermenegildo Zegna ($475). Socks by Smart Turnout ($32).


Jacket by Alpha Industries ($180). Sleeve by Shinola ($195). Tablet by Apple (from $399). Denim by AG ($215). Shoe by Lands’ End ($69). Bag by Jack Spade ($128). Shirt by Alex Mill ($175). Bag by Want les Essentiels ($275).
Ben Goldstein/Studio D


Sunglasses by Carrera ($159). Shorts by Rhone ($64). Shoes by APL ($165). Jacket by Patagonia ($149). Headphones by Bowers & Wilkins ($400). Sweater by Nautica ($299).
Ben Goldstein/Studio D

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