20 Men’s Fashion Gift Ideas

Luxurious wearable items make great gifts for just about any man in your life. If he’s already a snazzy dresser, then he’ll really appreciate their value. If he’s sartorially challenged, then your present might inspire him to embrace the joys of haute couture.

To get you started, here are 20 exciting men’s fashion gift ideas for your shopping list.

1. 34 Heritage Jeans

For most guys, jeans are almost as necessary as oxygen. Jeans from 34 Heritage fill that need well. They have roomy pockets, and they’re durable and stylish.

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2. Alberto Golf Pants

Fore! If you know a man who thinks about his swing all the time, you can delight him with a pair of casual golf pants from Alberto. They’re sharp, and more importantly, they allow a full range of motion on the links.

3. Allen Edmonds Shoes

How many steps do you think it takes to make a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes? If you guessed 212, you’re right. Yes, these shoes are crafted with the utmost care, and they come in a variety of attractive styles.

4. Bugatchi Cufflinks

A man adds elegance to his sleeves ― indeed, his entire outfit ― every time he slips on a pair of Bugatchi cufflinks. Bugatchi has been bringing fine Italian fashion to North America since 1981.

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5. Carrot & Gibbs Cummerbunds

Carrot & Gibbs’ graceful cummerbunds come in a range of fabrics, and they keep formal wear neat and tidy. After all, who wants to look at a shirt bunching up?

6. David Donahue Stud Sets

At fancy events, shirt buttons are boring, and studs are eye-catching. Get a stud you know a stud set from David Donahue, a company that’s widely celebrated for high-quality products.

7. Dion Neckwear Necktie

Headquartered in Toronto, Dion manufactures the Cadillacs of ties. Their patterns and stitching are exquisite.

8. Edward Armah Butterfly Bow Tie

Edward Armah butterfly bow ties are custom-made and produced by hand. Like a real butterfly, each is unique and utterly beautiful.

9. Gimo’s Leather Jacket

In this life, few things are as cool as a leather jacket. And Gimo’s leather jackets ratchet up the coolness factor. Their designs are so dashing that you might get a chill just looking at one.

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10. Eton Silk Pocket Square

The right pocket square can make a familiar suit come to life in a new way. Eton silk pocket squares are always the right pocket squares. They’re made in Italy and come in a variety of striking and colorful prints.

11. Hook & Albert Lapel Pin

Lapel pins lend personality to jackets, and large, flower-shaped camo pins from Hook & Albert are particularly distinguished men’s fashion gift ideas.

12. Hugo Boss Belt

A Hugo Boss leather or suede belt is rugged and versatile. It’ll look great at work, at a party or anyplace else a man needs to hold up his pants.

13. M-Clip Money Clip

In this world of electronic payments, there’s still something alluring about whipping out a wad of cash. What better way to do so than with M-Clip money clips? They’re strong and sturdy, and they boast a diverse assortment of patterns, from the American flag to The Beatles’ logo.

A photo posted by M-clip MENA (@m.clip_mena) on Nov 12, 2016 at 9:47pm PST

14. Joe’s Jeans T-Shirt

Joe’s Jeans T-shirts are suitable for rock stars. This company is based in Los Angeles, and it prides itself on cutting-edge looks.

15. Raffi Sweater

Wool or cashmere, Raffi sweaters represent some of the coziest men’s fashion gifts imaginable. They’re perfect for visiting a ski lodge or relaxing at home by the fire. It’s no wonder that across the globe, “Raffi” is practically synonymous with “sweater.”

16. Psycho Bunny Scarf

The name “Psycho Bunny” might sound strange, but the company’s scarves are irresistible. Wearing one is like getting a warm hug. Many of them are reversible, and all of them are tough and resilient yet soft and gorgeous. If your gift recipient loves plaid, you’re in luck. A bunch of plaid patterns are available.

17. Sand Jacket

Sand is one of the prides of Copenhagen, and just about any man would be equally proud to don a plush Sand jacket. These jackets come in a range of colors, and they effortlessly meld casualness and sophistication.

18. Saxx Underwear Boxers

In this life, you can’t truly be at ease without comfortable underwear. Saxx undies are as comfy as they come. Its boxers are specially designed to, ahem, keep everything in place. At the same time, they’re free of friction, restrictions and constrictions, and that’s no fiction.

A photo posted by SAXX Underwear (@saxxunderwear) on Oct 7, 2016 at 11:00am PDT

19. Tailor Vintage Shorts

Tailor Vintage brings a touch of Newport and Cape Cod to its extensive line of shorts, which includes knit shorts, reversible shorts and jogging shorts. In all, the brand is a little preppy, a little sporty and very enticing.

20. Tateossian Wristwatch

Sure, smartphones can tell you the time, but they’ll never exude the chicness of a fine watch. Tateossian watches are timeless timepieces with traces of funkiness. This London company is helping ensure that the watchmaking art will continue to be admired for many years to come.

In sum, men’s fashion gift ideas are valuable because we’re living in a golden age of clothing. The most eminent brands are available to people everywhere, and men can get all kinds of style tips from social media. These presents will make your favorite guys feel like they’re part of this great fashion revolution.

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