10 Tips for Buying Wedding Suits in NJ

There’s no question – you want to look your finest when you strut your stuff at your wedding. Whether this event is a summer ceremony in Long Beach Island or a winter wedding in Bergen County, certain pieces of advice should serve you well.

These pointers about suits for weddings in NJ are geared towards grooms and groomsmen. Nevertheless, if you’ll be a guest, you should be able to benefit from at least a few of these tips.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

For many people, it’s natural to put things off. However, when it comes to weddings, you’ll want at least several weeks to get your attire ready. After all, you might have to go in for more than one alteration.

Also, maybe you’ll like how a suit or accessory looks in a store but not how it looks when you wear it at home. In that case, you’ll want time to replace it.

Not to mention, if you wait too long to get your clothes, it can be stressful for the bride.

2. Make Sure Everything Fits Perfectly

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It’s one thing to wear an ill-fitting suit to the office. It’ll be forgotten the next morning. Your wedding suit, by contrast, will be preserved in countless photos.

Thus, your jacket should show off your figure, including your shoulders without being restrictive. Your sleeves shouldn’t be even a quarter inch too short or too long, and a bit of your cuffs should peek through. What’s more, the right lapels can make you seem more svelte.

3. Rely on an Excellent Tailor

Tailors are helpful whenever you want to look good, and they’re vital when it comes to suits for weddings in NJ. With a great tailor, you don’t need to choose between the ideal look and the ideal fit. You can easily have both. These pros stay abreast of wedding fashions, too, and some of them can make relatively cheap suits appear top of the line.

By contrast, when you rent a suit or buy one off the rack, your options are severely restricted.

4. Find Inspiration Online

Don’t forget to scour the web for ideas. Find looks that you like, and have them ready on your phone to show your tailor.

5. Play It Safe

There are times in life when it’s worthwhile to take chances: asking someone on a date, going hang gliding or breaking from the norm in general. However, choosing wedding clothes is not one of those instances.

A timeless, conservative style is almost certainly best. If you go for a daring fashion choice, you risk causing an unnecessary distraction.

6. Tuxes Aren’t Mandatory

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Tuxedos look terrific at weddings, and most likely, they always will. However, maybe a tux just isn’t your style.

If you’d rather wear a standard suit to a wedding, by all means, feel free to do that. As a bonus, after the wedding concludes, you should be able to make use of that suit on many other occasions.

7. Fabric Is Foremost

When you’re selecting your fabrics, don’t scrimp. If your wedding clothes are made from strong, high-quality materials, it will give your entire suit more definition.

On top of that, look for fabrics that breathe, resist wrinkling and absorb moisture. As you’re no doubt aware, wedding venues can get very warm and many people like to dance. Prepare to work up a sweat.

8. The Basics of Buttons

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Keep in mind the standard button guidelines. If you’re a tall guy, go for a jacket with three buttons. If you’re of average height or shorter, choose one with two buttons. Try to avoid jackets that come with more than three or just one button.

Remember, too, that you should never fasten the button on the bottom — that is, unless you want your bride’s family to have second thoughts about you.

9. Take a Break

“Break” is a term that refers to the creasing at the bottom of pant legs. You might never have given this part of your pants much consideration before, but different breaks can make a pair of pants look significantly different.

You can discuss specific options with your tailor, but as a general idea, a modest break is common for weddings. It’s formal enough, but it won’t make you look stuffy or old-fashioned.

Be certain that your pant legs aren’t too long, too. Oversize trousers look childish, and they could cause you to trip, especially after you’ve had a few drinks.

10. Run Your Outfit by the Bride

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If you’re the groom, show your significant other a photo of the suit or tux that you have in mind. Only make the purchase if she likes it. In the end, marriage is all about compromise, and now is as good a time as any to start compromising. If you’re a groomsman, meantime, it’s wise to verify that both the bride and the groom approve of your suit.

To review, what you wear to a wedding should fit extremely well and be made of excellent material. And, once again, don’t get too audacious with your ensemble. If you feel that you must get wild during a wedding, save it for the dance floor.

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