10 Best Suede Shoes to Wear this Summer

When you think of summer footwear, you probably think of sandals and tennis shoes that are perfect for outdoor outings. Perhaps your choice in footwear doesn’t really change because you spend most of your time in a suit and tie at the office. What you probably don’t think of, no matter how you spend your time, is a pair of suede shoes in summer.

Suede shoes in summer have become a very popular trend, and because of their more casual look, they’re often ideal for the more relaxed season. If you’re like most guys though, you wouldn’t know how to pick a pair of suede shoes for seasonal summer wear to save your life.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best suede shoes for summer. You don’t need to buy them all, but adding one, or maybe even two pairs can really boost your wardrobe this year.

1. Bugatchi St. Tropez Driving Shoes

Purchase at: Nordstrom

Bugatchi St. Tropez Driving Shoes
Saint-Tropez is a French Riviera town renowned for its beauty, artistic community and the laid-back coastal vibe. With that in mind, it makes sense that these Bugatchi shoes are named “St. Tropez.” They’re beautiful and artistic with a laid-back feel.

These driving shoes combine elegance and utility with rubber soles, braided laces and flexible suede. The first-rate Italian craftsmanship makes them a perfect choice for an indoor party or a backyard gathering.

2. Bruno Magli Tristin Desert Boots

Purchase at: Bloomingdale’s

Bruno Magli Tristin Desert Boots

Direct from Italy, the soles of these boots are made of leather and the uppers are made of sumptuous suede. The shade of brown and detailed whip stitching calls to mind a Southwest desert scene. Put on your favorite pair of jeans, khakis or some dressy trousers, lace up these boots and head off for a day of hiking in the desert ― or maybe some Tex-Mex barbecuing in your backyard.

3. Bruno Magli Monza Driving Shoes

Purchase at: Nordstrom

Bruno Magli Monza Driving Shoes

What more could you want from suede shoes in summer? Slip right into your Monza Driving Shoes and you’ll be walking on a cloud ― or, to be more precise, on plush rubber heels and soles. Drive through the countryside, top down, sporting the premium suede, sumptuous leather lining and attractive metal accents.

4. Cole Haan Carter Grand Suede Derby Shoes

Purchase at: Saks Off Fifth

Cole Haan Carter Grand Suede Derby Shoes

These handsome derby shoes are affordable and classic. The uppers and linings are made of creamy suede, and the outsole is sturdy leather. With round toes, stacked heels and rubber panels, the look and feel will keep you comfortable all day long. They’re light and they bend easily and add a rugged sensibility to any day outfit.

5. Donald J Pliner Nate Men’s Suede Slip-On Loafers

Purchase at: Neiman Marcus

Donald J Pliner Nate Men's Suede Slip-On Loafers

These Italian suede loafers are perfect for an all-day get-together. Slip them on, and your feet will be supported and your muscles will instantly relax. These shoes are padded, and their linings breathe for optimal comfort.

In short, they’re fine examples of the unique shoes created by Donald J Pliner, a brand that has been obsessed with blending comfort and fashion for years. As a bonus, if you opt for the stunning light blue hue instead of saddle brown, your feet will be the color of a cloudless summer sky.

6. Santoni Suede Penny Loafers

Purchase at: Mr Porter

Santoni Suede Penny Loafers

If you’re looking for ideal suede shoes in summer, look no further. In these loafers, you’ll look sharp whether you’re leaving home in jeans or donning more formal attire. Santoni shoes have been crafted in Italy since 1975, and every detail is exacting, from the leather linings to the softest suede accents. Their combination of durability and lightness make them ideal for your summer vacation.

7. Ugg Neumel Suede Desert Boots

Purchase at: Neiman Marcus

Ugg Neumel Suede Desert Boots

These boots are as free and easy as a summer breeze. The lining and the insole are made of wool, and the uppers are made of soft suede. Leave it to Ugg to take an old standby and infuse it with creativity and panache. On top of that, the Neumel Suede Desert Boots will feel so snug that you will even want to wear them around the house.

8. Bugatchi Slip-On Nubuck Loafers

Purchase at: Saks Off Fifth

Bugatchi Slip-On Nubuck Loafers

These Italian moccasins are offered in three bold colors with smooth suede uppers that will draw people’s attention from a distance. Best of all, they are elegant accessories to your outfit that will feel as comfortable at the end of the day as they did when you first put them on.

9. Cole Haan Zero Grand Wing Tip Oxfords

Purchase at: Lord & Taylor
Cole Haan Zero Grand Wing Tip Oxfords

These light oxfords have suede uppers and give off a much sportier look. Just lace them up, and you’ll be ready for a perfect picnic under the summer sun.

If these shoes feel extra soft and supple, it’s because Cole Haan utilizes their proprietary special cushioning system that will support you as you walk, run and jump through your day. These shoes are treated with lasers, and their stitching and perforating are extraordinarily intricate.

10. Santoni Suede Brogues

Purchase at: Harry Rosen

Santoni Suede Brogues

These Italian Santoni Suede Brogues have rubber soles that are exceedingly light, and their leather linings are hard-wearing. In fact, all parts of these shoes are designed to remain in good shape for a long time after you buy them. These brown brogues are casual enough for a warm-weather stroll, yet they’ll fit right in at an upscale social occasion.

Do any of these suede shoes strike your fancy? If you’re tired of traipsing around in sandals and flip-flops from Flag Day to Labor Day, these options will add variety to your summertime footwear collection.

Something surprising could happen when you wear suede shoes in summer. After watching you glide around with great ease and sophistication, your friends and family members will start investing in some summer suede, too.

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